Christmas Specials:
Along with the BirdieBall and StrikePad sets, offers a wide array of unique, high quality, low priced gifts for both the golfer that has everything and children/teens that are interested in picking up the game of golf.  The only 2-layer nylon practice net, useable with either BirdieBalls or standard golf balls, is the absolute best deal on the market today at $79.99, and comes with a 6-month UNCONDITIONAL warranty regardless of the amount of use.  The net can be used in any area outdoors or indoors, as long as you have 10 feet of clearance in all directions. Buy 2 nets at $74.99 each to create a “shank free” zone to ensure the safety of the walls surrounding your indoor driving range.
As a great addition to our practice nets, BirdieBall offers “BirdieTurf”, which is a typical driving range mat with very non-typical properties, and our rubber stance mat, creating the first large-area, non-slip practice area that can be used effectively on ANY surface.  Our heavyweight composite rubber used to create the large base of the mat (33″ x 22″) weighs over 19lbs. and will not slip on concrete, hardwood, tile, asphalt, or any other surface your golf game desires.
This mat comes with a ONE YEAR unconditional warranty.  No questions asked.  The rubber stance mat weighs 14lbs and creates a practice area that is dead flat, so you are not hitting off an uneven surface and practicing the incorrect way to swing a golf club.  These two items are sold in a set for $129.99 and are the perfect addition to our practice nets.