S3 Shaft Testing Machine and Mobile App

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Custom club fitting giant Cool Clubs announces its game-changing new S3 shaft testing machine, designed to help customers play better golf.

S3 – which stands for “Shaft Simulation System” – has been a concept existing only in Cool Clubs founder Mark Timms’ mind for quite some time. Over the past six months, however, his concept has become an impressive reality with the help of the company’s new Research & Development Manager Simon Grondin.

Cool Clubs Scottsdale, Arizona Facility
The S3 is the first of its kind to measure and analyze multiple parameters of a golf shaft on a single machine. In roughly two and a half minutes, the machine will analyze a shaft’s straightness, consistency, deflection and stiffness profiles, frequency, and torque.

The machine is fast, repeatable and accurate, eliminating the human-induced error present in several of the industry’s current shaft profiling techniques. What makes the S3 even more unique is that it tests shafts in a manner that simulates how they will be loaded during a golf swing. Over 100,000 points of data are used to profile each shaft.

The data that’s currently being collected from the S3 machine at the company’s Scottsdale headquarters will be used to help club fitters around the world understand shafts and do a better job fitting as well as to educate the golfing population on shafts and how important the right shaft is. “Our aim is to continue to improve and develop technologies for fitting and building, so that players everywhere can PLAY BETTER GOLF” says Cool Clubs Founder, Mark Timms.

Much of this shaft data from the S3 machine will be available to all golfers through the Apple App Store. Both an informative free version and a more detailed upgraded version will be available by the PGA show in January 2015. An extremely advanced web based version for golf industry professionals only should also to follow shortly after that.

To facilitate educating golfers and club fitters around the world, Cool Clubs, with the help of CodeRed-I, has developed a mobile App to allow users to browse its shaft database. The database currently features nearly 1000 shafts from the industry’s shaft manufacturers and will grow to include new shafts. Each shaft is accompanied by its picture, manufacturer data, and new S3-collected Cool Clubs data. The S3 data includes mass, balance point, torque, frequency (FM and CPM), and an EI curve summary. However, the App’s most impressive feature is the ability to view each shaft’s EI and deflection curves and compare shafts by overlaying these profiles. The App also includes the ability to learn about the technology behind the S3, save favorite shafts, and read and write shaft reviews. The App is made even more enjoyable by the App’s simple user interface, and beautiful graphics.
“Cool Clubs chose to work with Arizona’s premier game and app development studio, CodeRed-I for the release of its highly anticipated app,” said Timms. “CodeRed-I understands that usability and functionality are two key elements of this app; they understood our vision at Cool Clubs Technologies and have succeeded in making our vision a reality.”

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About Cool Clubs
Cool Clubs has its headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz. with 14 locations worldwide, including Tokyo, Japan and Sanctuary Cove, Australia. Cool Clubs offers a variety of club fitting services for all types of golfers: tour-level professionals to beginners who want to give themselves a better opportunity for rapid game improvement. From driver and long game fittings (hybrids and woods) to irons, wedges and putter fittings, Cool Clubs employs the latest technology to fit the golfer. Our corporate “build” facility in Scottsdale has the skills, equipment and highly trained personnel to build one club, or an entire set of clubs, to meet your specifications.