Take a look at these kicks. One of a kind. Painted by the artist Social Statement. Proceeds go to the charity of your choice.



Here’s the official press release:


Perhaps the most epic shoe we have ever made, maybe even the most epic golf shoe ever made, the Limited Edition Kikkor Masterer is truly one of a kind (only one pair made!). Hand painted by Social Statement, it features two of golf’s most notable Masterers, Jack and Arnie, along with the unmistakable Masters Leaderboard, and unique Kikkor-Masterer branding.

Purchasing Info
100% of the proceeds will go to the charity of your choice. You can bid on the item on eBay, or buy it outright now for the listed $5,000 USD.

Sizing Note
Pair is US men’s size 9, but really, are you going to play in these shoes? We suggest you keep them to the trophy case.