With the wide-open, non-stop, action-packed Summer of 2012 officially behind us, you’d think things would slow down at KENTWOOL (at least to a leisurely jog). Not the case my friends…not by a long shot. Even with fall and football on everyone’s mind, things are still full tilt for us here. In fact, we are going into the 4th Quarter having just released our brand new “clubhouse casual” line of socks, called the 19th Hole.

KentWool 19th Hole Stripes

KentWool 19th Hole Stripes

This is a completely new product category for us and I am happy to report that—in just over a month—the sales and reception of the 19th Hole has exceeded our already ambitious expectations. The 19th Hole sock is designed for play both on and off the course. It is a sleek, casual sock that emphasizes comfort, style and performance—and is a natural complement to the premier performance of our World’s Best Golf Sock. It also comes in a combination of 13 styles and patterns: argyle, stripes and solid.

KentWool 19th Hole Argyle

KentWool 19th Hole Argyle

You may even see our 19th Hole Collection promoted in a variety of sports and lifestyle magazines. At the end of August, the KENTWOOL Team went up to the Big Apple as part of a strategic, streamlined PR effort to help promote the new line with major magazine publications. Over the course of a whirlwind two days, we sat down with the likes of Esquire, GQ, Men’s Health, SELF, Cigar Aficionado, Details, Footwear News, and more. The general consensus with the various publications was that the 19th Hole is a winning addition to our line, and many have agreed to promote the new casual line in coming issues.

Looking forward to the days and weeks ahead, KENTWOOL has another major product announcement. I’m not going to spill the beans just yet, but suffice it to say we will be introducing an exciting product—in a new category for us—that has been in research and development for some time. This new performance-based, made-in-USA product will cap off an exciting year that has KENTWOOL poised and primed for 2013.

Thanks again to all of you—our growing list of customers, fans and supporters—who drive us each and every day to concept, create and produce value-added products that people enjoy wearing. That’s what it’s all about. Keep rocking the socks…and have a great fall.

Mark Kent, Chief Sock Rocker

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