Rave Reviews Continue To Flow In For Knuth Golf’s High Heat Fairway Woods And Hybrids

BONITA, CA (Aug. 3, 2016) – It has been nearly eight months since Knuth Golf introduced its High Heat 3-wood and hybrid to the golf industry at the PGA
Merchandise Show. Yet the rave reviews continue to mount as if it were yesterday. The success of the 3-wood and hybrid falls in line with the highly decorated High
Heat driver, which was launched one  year earlier. Sports Illustrated writer Gary Van Sickle described High Heat as “having the best new technology of any other club, and a game changer for amateurs.”

This time it was Ed Travis of the “A Position” singing High Heat’s praises. “There have been few startup manufacturers whose clubs have received as much attention and praise as the High Heat driver introduced last year by Knuth Golf. Golfers took to the High Heat at once with many finding it to be both longer and straighter than the major manufacturer’s driver they were playing.”

The High Heat fairway woods and hybrids come with Knuth Golf’s Optimal Center of Gravity (CG) Game Changer and Fire Zone Face Technologies™ that enabled its High Heat driver to provide amateur golfers with a 25% deeper and 18% lower CG compared to major brands’ average CG location. This technology resulted in the High Heat Driver being longer, straighter and more forgiving according to Golf Laboratories, which is the world’s recognized leading robot testing company. High Heat’s 3-wood and hybrid are easier to get the ball up in the air. They also feature a Beta titanium cup face, providing a significantly increased spring-like or trampoline effect across the entire face for extra distance and increased forgiveness compared to traditional steel faces, which are in all major brands and over 99 percent of all 3 woods.

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Travis tested the High Heat 3-wood and hybrid on the course, and was positive in his review. “The cup face titanium construction has an immediate benefit. Titanium
being lighter and stronger than steel produces a larger amount of face rebound at impact and that translates into something we all want…distance without added effort. Average players will find the High Heats forgiving. Since most of us miss the sweet spot regularly, this is an important feature.

“The 15 degree loft 3-wood is a strong club. From the fairway the High Heat 3-wood gets the ball airborne from even suspect lies and did well from shorter length rough. In one instance the ball came to stop on the side of a sand-filled divot and, while I usually would not use a 3-wood from that kind of lie, I thought what-the-heck. Let’s see what happens. Without consciously making any changes to my swing to compensate for the lie (such as being sure to hit down), the ball came out easily with just a little drift from left to right. Entirely satisfactory.”

Travis called the 18-degree hybrid “a real beast,” adding “I particularly liked it  from the tee on long par-3s because it gives the ball a nice high trajectory so it lands and stops unlike some other hybrids that roll out too much. The combination of a somewhat larger clubhead, a prominent sole rail and weight low in the club head meant it almost never met a lie it didn’t like…and couldn’t get the ball out of.”

Dean Knuth, a former USGA Senior Director, designed High Heat metalwoods specifically with amateurs in mind. Amateur golfers need clubs that use discretionary weight to optimize their much different performance needs compared to Tour pros with 115+ swing speeds who consistently hit on or very near the center of the face.
Knuth Golf’s High Heat driver, 3 wood and #3 hybrid have been named the best in their class by several golf media. The company will release its #4-#7 hybrids and 5 wood in the fall.