1. I’ve been hearing about Callaway’s new Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind Wedge. What’s the story?

Glad you asked. For the Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind, we’ve taken all the core technologies of last year’s major-winning Mack Daddy 2 Wedges and combined them with several new key features, like the Tour validated shape and Tour grind.

It all adds up to a premium forged design built for maximum control, and it gives players the confidence to attack every shot around the green.

Our chief designer Roger Cleveland has worked his magic once again, and expertly crafted these wedges to give players ultimate precision, performance, greater spin and yes, pinpoint control.

These wedges will be available at retail on July 18, with a retail price of $129.99 each.


2. So you’re telling me they have all the best ingredients of the Mack Daddy 2 and even more performance features?

Yeah, that’s how we’re able to give you all that pinpoint control.

This wedge has a new shape with a straighter leading edge, and a higher toe that Tour players really like to see on wedges. A straighter leading edge leads to better turf interaction, so players can really go after the ball from any type of lie.

Another key addition is the new Tour grind (or T grind), a shallow design where the relief is ground from the heel and toe. This helps players get the leading edge under the ball to create maximum spin and control.

And of course, you’ll still get large grooves (39% larger than regular grooves to be exact), increased surface roughness that provides more spin and control, and a premium forged, 1020 Carbon steel design for soft feel. What else could you want or need in a wedge?


3. You’re really hammering home the Word “Tour” on this. What are the pros saying?

What they’re saying is that this is a great wedge. What’s even more telling though is that they’re quickly putting the Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind in play.

We introduced this wedge on Tour a few weeks back, and already these are some of the guys who have put it into play:

Pat Perez, Matt Every, Patrick Reed, Freddie Jacobson, Branden Grace, Brian Stuard, Stuart Appleby, Sang-Moon Bae, Danny Lee and Nicolas Colsaerts.

Again, they’re just some of the guys who have put Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind in play. We built it with a shape that most pros prefer, and as the numbers show us, they’re initial response has been overwhelmingly positive.


4. Okay, the Tour players are on board. Why should a regular golfer play this wedge?

Again, it boils down to the precision and control, and how they can attack the ball on short shots. The shape creates better turf interaction and the grind helps them make proper contact from the rough, out of bunkers or from a tight lie. With this club, they’ll have the confidence to make clean contact regardless of the lie, so they can be aggressive on each shot.


5. Very cool. What are the specs on this wedge?

It goes like this – we have 52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60° offerings. Here’s a deeper rundown:

52° – 10° of bounce, 35.375” long, available in left hand

54° – 11° of bounce, 35.25” long, not available in left hand

56° – 11° of bounce, 35.25” long, available in left hand

58° – 9° of bounce, 35.125” long, available in left hand

60° – 9° of bounce, 35.125” long, available in left hand


6. Can you sum up the Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind in one sentence?

It builds on the performance of Mack Daddy 2 with new Tour preferred technology for maximum spin and control, so you can play every shot around the green with ultimate confidence.