Vancouver, British Columbia/Himeji, Japan-Japanese golf-club
manufacturer Miura Golf-which has been making the world’s
highest-quality forged irons for 44 years-is officially introducing its
Passing Point 9003 forged cavity-back irons, the company announced today.

The Passing Point concept is Miura’s recognition of golfers’ lifelong
steps to improvement. While there is a passing point when you pass from acquaintance to friend, from novice to serious student, from casual golfer to committed competitor, golf clubs can also have a passing point. When clubs are taken to a new level, they become more than just 14 tools in a bag. They become friends in their own right.

In the Miura tradition of melding functional golf design with an
artistic eye, Miura crafted a wider sole to help with effective turf
interaction. Yet the sole takes an elegant shape that doesn’t look
oversized. Likewise, the offset is designed to flow naturally into the
clubhead to preserve a confident look at address, but still benefit
players who need some help squaring the clubface at impact.

The cavity has been carefully designed to assign just the right amount of weight to the most effective places in the head. The thoroughly researched and tested PP-9003 design places the center of gravity low for a high, soft-landing flight that still holds its line and never balloons. And as with all Miura clubs, the weight and balance are obsessively consistent throughout the set.

The worldwide introduction of the Passing Point 9003 or (PP-9003) irons is set for April 1. The launch is exciting news for golfers, as Miura Golf-which has never had a fixed time frame for new-product
introductions-only debuts new models when the quality of new
technological advances demands it.

The PP-9003 is available in a 4-iron through pitching wedge set (plus gap wedge) in right-hand only. The PP-9003 can be tested by visiting to locate the closest Miura dealer. Pricing begins at $225 per iron.


Miura is a family company, and the development of this club brought out the best in two generations of Miura expertise. Company founder and chairman Katsuhiro Miura worked with his sons, Yoshitaka and Shinei, to make a “friendly” golf club. Together, they created a club of surpassing utility, ease of play and, yes, friendliness. The PP-9003-with its wider sole, higher launch angle and perfect amount of offset-is designed for all levels of players, but seniors, women and high-handicappers will particularly benefit from the iron’s performance characteristics.

The friendly PP-9003 irons are easier to address with confidence; they promote well-balanced ball trajectory in terms of distance, direction and height; and there’s no variance in shape, weight or balance between each club in the set, which provides golfers with confidence.

“The PP-9003 irons are not only aesthetically pleasing, but the
incredible technology will help golfers of all handicap levels get the
most out of their games,” says Adam Barr, president of Miura Golf. “We are confident golfers will fall in love with the PP-9003 irons,
especially after they see their games improve.”

Positioned as a stepping stone to the Miura clubs intended for better players, Passing Point is Miura’s way of reaching out to all golfers. Anyone who plays the game deserves a great forged club-and Passing Point is the newest place to begin that eternal journey towards golf excellence.

“Mr. Miura, Yoshitaka and Shinei have created another superb addition to the Miura club line with the Passing Point 9003 irons,” says Bill Holowaty, Executive VP – Product Strategies for Miura Golf in North America. “The PP-9003 irons feature timeless Miura styling and peerless Miura performance, and if you think the visual impact is strong, wait until you hit it.”

About Miura Golf
Besides the new PP-9003, Miura Golf’s current product line also includes the CB-501 (Cavity Back Model); Blade (Tournament Blade Model); MC-102 (Mid-Size Cavity Model); CB-202 (Cavity Back Model); CB-301 (Cavity Model); and IC-2003 Utility Long Irons) irons; Wedges (Wedge Series and Black Wedge Series, each available in six lofts); Series 1957 By Miura Custom Grind Wedges; Small Blade model irons; Blade and Classic putters (two models); Precious Edition Driver, Fairway Wood and Utility Wood.

Miura Golf’s corporate office is located in Vancouver, British Columbia and Miura Golf clubs are sold at the finest custom-fitting shops in North America. The Miura brand is marketed exclusively by Miura Golf Inc., in the United States and North America. More information on Miura products can be found at