Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Iron – The new compact shape with added offset of the C722 Ti-Utility Iron combines the look, feel and workability of a traditional forged iron with the extreme distance of a metalwood.

This is a perfect long iron replacement club for players looking for the faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal sound and feel properties.

Player Preferred Shaping / Thinner Top Line – This new, more classic shape with a thinner topline makes the Ti-Utility even more of a player preferred design.

Beta Titanium L-Cup Face – The 722 Ti-Utility Iron features a Beta Titanium L-Cup Face combo brazed onto a 431 stainless steel body.

The Titanium L-Cup Face wraps around the leading edge to act as a hinge that provides maximum power and ball speed from more contact points on the face, and to produce the ultimate in perimeter weighting, distance and forgiveness.

Combo-Brazing Technology – Combo-Brazing is a unique, distance-boosting process in which the titanium cup face is fused to the heavier steel back of the club without having to weld the two materials. Combo-Brazing reduces a large amount of weight out of the sole and back of the clubhead, allowing the clubhead to be more compact and the have optimal CG placement that produces a greater transfer of energy from club to ball.

Hollow Body Design – This hollow-body iron design of the 722 Ti-Utility offers the best in perimeter weighting. The design allows for perfect weight distribution and maximum forgiveness in the clubhead, allowing for increased face flex. It also provides the ability to have a thinner face and a deeper CG in a thin-sole iron design.

Adjustable Weighting – An adjustable 10-gram weight in middle of the low-sole of the clubhead has been added to the Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Iron. The adjustable weight allows for expert custom fitting to dial in the precise weight and feel for advanced players.

SpeedTested Shafts – Every shaft in the Exotics 722 Series has been SpeedTested to find the optimal custom shaft pairing for every flex, determined by robotic testing, and validated by player testing. 

Available Lofts in Right-Handed – #2/17°, #3/19°, #4/22°, #5/25°


Retail Price-Utility: $199.99