Impact vibration is a necessary evil that produces critical sensory feedback for golfers while playing the game. However, not all forms of vibration are helpful in determining when you did something right or wrong on the links, and some kinds are downright painful.

Controlling this unwanted vibration for golfers has been a subject of interest for many years. Accordingly, golf manufacturers have worked diligently on advancements integral to the club head, shaft and grip to help combat this long standing issue.   

Shock Lock Sports ( has taken a new and different approach by creating the first external vibration damper for golf. The Shock Lock Vibration Damping System for Irons consists of 8 lightweight dampers, each of which can easily be placed or removed at the hosel/shaft area with no tools required. It is a simple solution that greatly can improve feel, golfer confidence and works universally with most club manufacturers.

The Shock Lock can help reduce the stinging sensation to your fingers and hands when playing on cold days, and minimizes the shock felt to sore hands/joints. These enhancements help restore a golfer’s confidence after a mis-hit from the club’s toe or heel.

While it is a high-tech solution to an longstanding problem, the catalyst for the Shock Lock is deeply rooted in history. In the past, club makers would “whip” wax threads or pitched linen in the juncture where the neck of the club met with the hickory wood shaft. This whipping would diffuse and dampen vibration while also helping strengthen the shafts. Building on this principle, Shock Lock Sports created the rubber underlast and rugged plastic outer shell which emulates the concentric rings patterns of the original wax thread whippings in both design and function.

“This product is truly one of a kind,” said a company spokesman. “We are the first manufacturer to produce an external implement which significantly lessens vibration to the benefit of golfers of all ages and abilities. It is easy to use and can truly can help restore confidence while on the course. Shock Lock Sports is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and market acceptance. The Shock Lock Vibration Damping System for Irons is the first of many great products you can expect to see from us.”

Initially available direct to consumers through their website (, the company is further positioning the Shock Lock system for sales in big box retail stores, catalogues, and golf course pro shops. The product could also be a hit with Charity events and Corporate Golf Outings, with custom branding available.


Shock Lock Sports ( is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for the sports industry specializing in the development of innovative vibration damping systems for athletes of all ages and abilities. Through rigorous R&D and user testing, Shock Lock Sports creates cost-effective products that are easy to use and unobtrusive. These solutions seek to minimize discomfort without compromising essential sensory feedback, thus adding confidence to your game.

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