Fairhaven, MA (November 30, 2011) – Seeking to deliver improved long game performance and an unrivaled level of fitting precision to any golfer who is serious about his or her game, Titleist announces the expansion of its pioneering 910 metals line.

Validated on the most demanding proving grounds in the game, the worldwide professional golf tours, Titleist 910 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids feature the fastest, most stable head designs Titleist has ever created, as well as the ground-breaking SureFit Tour (SFT) dual-angle hosel.  The SureFit hosel is innovative, patented technology that allows the loft and lie to be independently adjusted and set, ensuring a degree of fitting precision previously available only on Tour.   Now, in order to meet the specific needs of golfers with more moderate swing speeds, Titleist introduces new lofts to the 910 metals family, as well as new lightweight shaft options that will optimize all-around performance for a wider array of golfers.

“The introduction of the 910 metals line has been a revelation,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs.  “SureFit technology provided a quantum leap with regards to how precisely we can dial in optimal launch conditions and ball flight for individual golfers.  In fitting with SFT, we also learned very quickly that there was a segment of the serious golfer community that we weren’t sufficiently reaching.  The new extension within the 910 metals family, along with the introduction of the new AP 712 series irons allows us the ability to provide any golfer, regardless of swing speed, with best-in-class golf clubs that will allow them to get the most out of their games.”

MODEL ADDITIONS TO THE 910 FAMILY: The initiative to extend the 910 metals line emerged from initial testing conducted by Titleist’s Golf Club Research & Development department which found that golfers whose ball speed topped out at 130 mph or less would experience substantial gains from additional driver loft (above 10.5°).  With the design objective of maximizing distance and playability, as well as offering improved distance gapping as the set composition transitions into fairway metals, hybrids and irons, Titleist developed a new 910D2 driver head with 12 degrees of loft (in the SureFit A-1 standard setting).   At the same time, similar testing was conducted to determine how to best maximize fairway metal and hybrid performance for golfers whose ball speeds ranged between 110-130 mph (swing speeds between 70-90 mph).  This research gave rise to the creation of a 21-degree 910F fairway metal head and a new 910H hybrid model with 27 degrees of loft.   All three new models provide higher launch via added loft, and additional spin stability, resulting in greater distance and overall performance.

910D2 12° DRIVER:  The basis for integrating a loft of 12 degrees into the design of the new 910D2 driver head was established after testing revealed that significantly greater carry distance for ball speeds of 130 mph and lower are achieved with 12° of loft, but also, that carry distance gains become negligible for this target player range as loft exceeds 13°.  With the SureFit hosel, the 910D2 12° head can be adjusted down to 11.25° and up to 13.5°, ideally accommodating the particular launch variations across the entire range of the 110-130 mph swing speed group.

910F 21° FAIRWAY METAL AND 910H 27° HYBRID:  Much like the new 910D2 12° driver, the higher lofts of the new 910F 21° fairway metal and 910H 27° hybrid models generate higher launch and increased spin that offers a number of benefits for moderate to lower swing speed players.  First, both the 910F 21° and 910H 27° offer more stable ball flight compared to long irons, resulting in improved consistency and predictable ball flight.  Second, these additional models offer more options and greater flexibility regarding set composition.  With the two new models, better distance gapping can be achieved, evenly bridging the irons to the driver.  Third, the higher launch and spin of the 910F 21° and 910H 27° also results in steeper angles of descent for shots hit with either club.  This results in greater stopping power for better control into the green.

For most moderate speed players, the 910F 21° fairway metal launches the ball slightly higher and imparts 430 more rpm of backspin when compared to the 910F 19°.  In addition, the 910F 21° generates one mph more ball speed, launches the ball a degree higher, and imparts 720 more rpm of backspin compared to the 910H 21° hybrid.   The result for players in the 110-130 mph ball speed range is a higher flight that carries further than with a hybrid and lands at a steeper descent angle, a distinct advantage in holding greens with approach shots.

The 910H 27° hybrid offers similar advantages, serving as a valuable replacement to a 4 or 5-iron by generating greater ball speed, higher launch, and imparting approximately 815 more rpm in backspin.  The result is better distance gapping.  For example, in the case of a player with 130 mph ball speed, the carry distance between their 7-iron and 6-iron is 8.3 yards but the carry distance between their 6-iron and 5-iron drops to 5.5 yards.  Replacing the 5-iron with a 910H 27° widens that gap to a much more playable carry distance difference of 7.5 yards.  For a player with a ball speed of 115 mph, the results are even more dramatic.  While the carry distance between their 7-iron and 6-iron is 6.0 yards, the carry distance between their 6-iron and 5-iron drops to a nearly insignificant 3.5 yards.  Replacing the player’s 5-iron with a 910H 27° widens that gap to more than 7 yards, eliminating redundancy in the set.

TITLEIST BASSARA W SHAFTS:  The shaft is the engine of the golf club and to further address the needs of players with more moderate ball speed or players that prefer a lighter overall weight, Titleist has expanded its shaft options to include an exclusive family of new high performance Mitsubishi shafts.  The Bassara W for Titleist is an ultra-lightweight shaft that utilizes specific speed enhancing technology, a graphite laminate composition with a special bend profile that is reinforced with elastic titanium nickel wire.  This super elastic construction allows the shaft to bend easily to store maximum energy for the smooth-swinging target player, but also recover quickly to its original shape.  This quick recovery means that the shaft undergoes less deformation during the swing, resulting in more efficient transfer of power during loading and unloading of the shaft as well as greater consistency and tighter shot dispersion.

The Titleist Bassara W driver shaft weighs 50 grams, 11 grams less than the next lightest shaft in the Titleist matrix, the Diamana ‘ilima 61.  Compared to the ‘ilima, the Titleist Bassara W generated more ball speed for the 110-130 mph player producing an average 2-yard distance gain, while also delivering a soft, solid feel and stable flight.   Similar results were recorded for the 55g Titleist Bassara W fairway shaft and 60g Titleist Bassara W hybrid shaft.  All three shaft models are available in five different flexes (ranging from L to X) with progressive torque ratings by flex.

PLAYER BENEFITS:  The expansion of products in the 910 metals line represents a substantial competitive advantage for players with ball speeds under 130 mph.  With the new 910D2 12° driver, 910F 21° fairway metal and 910H 27° hybrid, moderate swing speed players now have at their disposal a full line of high performance metals, all designed and engineered to maximize performance for their specific swing and ball flight characteristics.

“We understand that serious golfers come in all shapes and sizes,” said Dan Stone, Vice President of Research & Development, Titleist Golf Clubs.  “The new options available within the 910 metals line afford us the ability to properly fit and equip any player, regardless of swing speed or shaft load profile.  With our new shafts and the broadest selection of metal lofts that Titleist has ever offered, we now have the flexibility to put the right 14 clubs in the bag for anyone.  The only requirement is that you are serious about your game and you want to get the most out of your equipment.”

PRICE AND AVAILABILITY:  The new 910D2 12° driver, 910F 21° fairway metal and 910H 27° hybrid are in golf shops now.  The 910D2 12° carries a suggested retail price of $499 (MAP: $399), while the 910F 21° is $279 (MAP: $249), and the 910H 27° is $259 (MAP: $229).  For more information about the family of Titleist 910 drivers, fairway metals and hybrids, shaft matrices and performance comparisons, please visit Titleist.com.

910D2 12° Driver Specifications
• Head volume: 460cc
• Lofts: 12° RH & LH, adjustable from 11.25° to 13.5°
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber

910D2 Standard Shafts
Titleist Bassara W 50, Titleist Bassara W 40 L flex
• Titleist Diamana ‘ahina 72 (White), Titleist Diamana Kai’li 65 (Blue), Titleist Diamana ‘ilima 61 (Red)
• Aldila RIP 60, Project X Tour Issue Graphite, 83 additional custom shafts also available

910F 21° Fairway Metal Specifications
• Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Carpenter Steel face insert
• Lofts: 21° RH & LH, adjustable from 20.25° to 22.5°
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber

910F Standard Shafts
Titleist Bassara W 55, Titleist Bassara W 45 L flex
• Titleist Diamana ‘ahina 82 (White), Titleist Diamana Kai’li 75 (Blue), Titleist Diamana ‘ilima 71 (Red)
• Project X Tour Issue X8 Graphite, 83 additional custom shafts also available

910H 27° Hybrid Specifications
• Composition: 17-4 Stainless Steel body with a 455 Carpenter Steel face insert
• Lofts: 27° RH & LH, adjustable from 26.25° to 28.5°
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber

910H Standard Shafts
Titleist Bassara W Hyb 60, Titleist Bassara W Hyb 50 L flex
• Titleist Diamana ‘ahina 90 Hyb (White), Kai’li 80 Hyb (Blue), ‘ilima 71 (Red)
• 23 additional custom shafts also available

Each 910D2 12° includes:
·        Headcover and Wrench Kit

Each 910F 21° and 910H 27° includes:
·        Headcover

SureFit Tour Wrench Kit Available for Purchase ($20 MSRP), includes:
·        Lined valuables pouch
·        Ergonomic torque wrench
·        Foldout instruction booklet with Performance Guide

SureFit Tour Weight Kit Available for Purchase ($50 MSRP), includes:
·        Adjust for swing weight and feel preference
·        Kit contains 2,5,7,9 and 12g screw weights, locking weight caddie, and instruction booklet
·        Uses the SureFit Tour Wrench