Fairhaven, MA (March 25, 2011) –  Less than a year after their introduction, Titleist announces the addition of a new wedge family, the 200 Series; a new Tour-proven finish, Black Oxide; and several new advanced personalization options  to the successful WedgeWorks Exclusives line of Vokey Design wedges.  Conceived to provide high performance wedges with custom options previously available only on Tour, each Vokey WedgeWorks Exclusive is a one-of-a-kind, personalized creation.  Every aspect of the wedge is customizable – from length, lie and loft, to toe engraving, paintfill, ferrules, grips, shafts and shaftbands.   Each club is custom-engraved, hand-stamped and built to spec at the WedgeWorks high performance custom shop in Carlsbad, California, where Master Craftsman Bob Vokey and his team of artisans design and build wedges for everyone from PGA TOUR players to avid wedge enthusiasts.  To satisfy interest from Vokey loyalists worldwide, Titleist has announced that WedgeWorks Exclusives will also be available in select markets around the world beginning this spring.

“WedgeWorks allows me to have the Tour Department, Custom, and R&D all in the same shop,” said Vokey.  “I’m excited that WedgeWorks Exclusives are available to all golfers who would like to experience the same customization options that players across the worldwide professional tours enjoy.”
TVD BLACK OXIDE – This spring, the Vokey TVD will be available in a new Black Oxide finish.  Popular on Tour in wedges and putters, Black Oxide is a non-plated, low-glare finish that many players favor due the added contrast it provides against the golf ball at address.  TVD Black Oxide wedges will be available in 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60 degree lofts, in right hand only.  The present line of WedgeWorks Exclusives wedges feature the Tour-proven Vokey Tour Van Design (TVD) sole and Condition of Competition (C-C) grooves.  The TVD features a crescent shaped sole and moderate camber.  This allows the wedge to easily pivot around its center for versatility and shot making.  The TVD will continue to be available in its two current finishes – Bright Brushed Chrome and Oil Can Zero (each finish created specifically for WedgeWorks Exclusives), in lofts ranging from 52 to 60 degrees.  
VOKEY 200 SERIES:  In April, Vokey will bring back a Vokey Design classic, the 200 Series.  Widely played on Tour, the 200 Series features a classic head shape with a high toe peak and a soft trailing edge.  The New 200 Series will feature updated graphics and Spin Milled C-C grooves (original 200 Series wedges had pressed grooves).  The New 200 Series will be available in both right- and left-hand models, in a variety of loft and bounce combinations ranging from 46 to 60 degrees in two-degree increments.  The finish for the New 200 Series will be the WedgeWorks Exclusives Bright Brushed Chrome.

NEW SHAFT OPTIONS:  Currently, a host of custom shaft options are available through WedgeWorks Exclusives to address the wide variety in player performance and feel preferences, including True Temper’s Dynamic Gold, Tour Issue and Project X, as well as the KBS Tour in steel and graphite.  This spring, the WedgeWorks Exclusives shaft matrix expands to include the new Dynamic Gold Spinner and KBS Hi-Rev wedge shafts.

NEW PERSONALIZATION OPTIONS:  “Wedges are the most personal clubs in a golfer’s bag,” said Vokey, and it is personalization that lies at the heart of Vokey WedgeWorks Exclusives.  The customization and personalization options available on WedgeWorks Exclusives are virtually endless, allowing wedge enthusiasts to express themselves and truly make their wedges their own.  Golfers can choose from three different hand-stamp styles (straight, freestyle, snow) in up to eight letters and/or numbers; 20 different paintfill colors; and 40 different toe-engraving combinations.  Grips come in a wide variety of textures and colors to match individual look and feel preferences.  Among the grips available are the New Decade Multi-Compound and full cord Golf Pride Tour Velvet, as well as ribbed and .600 diameter options.  BV Custom grips are available only through WedgeWorks.

Also new this spring, Vokey WedgeWorks Exclusives will offer two new BV Wings grips from Golf Pride, a new shaftband, and a new BV Diamonds toe engraving, giving Vokey fans even more choices when they visit Vokey.com and design their own custom wedges.

WEDGEWORKS EXCLUSIVES AVAILABILITY OUTSIDE THE U.S.:  Due to the overwhelmingly positive response from WedgeWorks customers and the continued growing demand for WedgeWorks Exclusives wedges, beginning this spring, Vokey WedgeWorks Exclusives will be available in select international markets.  

“Bob’s craftsmanship and attention to detail has created a ‘Vokey Nation’ that is strong and growing,” said Steve Pelisek, General Manager, Titleist Golf Clubs.  “We know that this ‘nation’ consists of golfers from around the globe, not just the United States, and we look forward to offering WedgeWorks Exclusives to every hard-core Vokey loyalist who wants world-class wedges with advanced personalization options.”  

Initial international launch markets will include Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Continental Europe.  Availability in additional international markets will be announced later this year.

WedgeWorks Exclusives are available at www.vokey.com and through authorized Titleist Retailers.
Questions about WedgeWorks Exclusives can be emailed to vokeyWedgeWorks@vokey.com.