Tour Edge is announcing the launch of their new Exotics Wingman 700 Series Putters featuring three new modern mini-mallet designs and six total hosel options.

The brand-new shapes offer cascading MOI (Moment of Inertia) properties matching the size of the Wingman putter head, providing maximum stability and optimal roll for every player type.

The three innovative designs provide optimized alignment optics on the wildly effective Lock-On technology alignment system, improved acoustics, and a softer feel.

Interchangeable sole weights on the heel and toe are featured in every model.

“The original Wingman putters enjoyed a cult-like success, and over the past two years, we’ve been improving upon that success in every way possible,” said Tour Edge President and chief designer David Glod. “The feedback we received was that the Lock-On Alignment and the extreme stability of the putters were truly revolutionary for golfers. We put our focus on expanding the series to fit more player preferences in the shaping and to really upgrade the look, sound and feel of the putters in a big way.”

“The result of our two-year revamp is six new putter models that represent some of the highest MOI putters on the market, and that are absolutely going to help you reduce the number of putts you are taking in a round,” added Glod.

The Wingman 700 Series putters will be available for purchase worldwide on August 1 and will carry a retail price of $199.99.

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Models 701 and 702 – SUPER MAX MOI

The 701 (Mid Toe-Hang) and 702 (Face Balance) models produce extreme MOI. in a modern mallet design that forces the face square to the swing path for a truer roll due to the extreme perimeter weighted wings featured on the Wingman 701 and 702 designs.

This larger footprint provides an extremely high resistance to twisting with one of the highest MOI ratings of any putter available on the market.

Models 703 and 704 – MAX MOI

The 703 (Mid Toe-Hang) and 704 (Face Balance) models remove the perimeter wings featured on the Super Max MOI models and move the interchangeable weights more face forward. This provides a gradual step down in MOI for those wanting a more compact, smaller footprint while still providing massive MOI properties.

With the weights directly behind the face, this design creates more face control.

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The 705 (Mid Toe-Hang) and 706 (Center Shaft) provides the playability of a blade putter with the stability of a mallet. The Wings on the 705 and 706 have been shortened, as has the Lock-On Alignment, providing perfect balance of player shaping, alignment and compact footprint.

The interchangeable weights are also more face forward to add even more directional control and accuracy.

All three shapes share these same technology features:

  • Lock-On Alignment Technology is a one-of-a-kind contrast alignment technology that allows you to discern with your eye at address if the lie angle of the putter is matched correctly to the target. The 20% larger alignment line surface area in the 700 Series frames the ball better at address to effectively lock more putts.
  • A Hollow Carbon Sole Plate with a larger surface area in the new Wingman redistributes weight to the sides and back of the clubhead to help boost MOI. With more carbon utilized in these designs, 34% of the stainless steel has been removed to create even more perimeter weighting and stability.
  • Interchangeable Weights on the sole of all three designs offer the option of adding or subtracting more overall weight to the heel and toe of the clubhead to obtain preferred feel. Weights come in 3, 8 and 15 grams, with the 3-gram weight being the standard option.

The 8-gram and 15-gram weights will be available individually and a separate weight kit will include two 8-gram weights and two 15-gram weights to give golfers the option of adding or subtracting more overall weight to the heel and toe of the clubhead. More weight in the heel will assist those who lag and leave the toe open in their stroke. Golfers with a tendency to pull their putts will benefit from more weight on the toe.

  • MicroGroove Face Technology features a softer durometer thermoplastic TPU insert face for a greatly improved feel. The putter face on each of the Wingman 700 Series putters features MicroGroove technology that provides a soft, yet pure feel upon contact. The horizontal precision-molded grooves improve forward roll earlier in the putt and reduces skidding off the face to create a better roll.
  • A new Jumbo Sink Fit Pistol grip from Lamkin features a distinctive contoured shape and exclusive Fingerprint Technology. The Sink Fit Pistol encourages lighter grip pressure and a smoother putting stroke.

 Hosel Information

  • Wingman 701, 703, 705 – The Mid-Toe Hang hosel (30 °) is ideal for a putting stroke with a slight arc, where the closing angle on the forward stroke is moderate and compensates against the tendency to pull a putt left. The slight arc is the putting stroke that the majority of golfers have shown to produce and the kind of motion that usually matches best with blade putters. In addition to the Toe Hang providing the ability to use the same stroke as a blade, it also offers the off-center-hit forgiveness of an oversized mallet due to its extreme MOI properties.
  • Wingman 702, 704 – The Double Bend Face-Balanced hosel is designed for a pendulum straight back, straight through putting stroke due to the face of the putter rotating less during the putting stroke. This true square back to square through stroke creates a consistent blocking motion in the stroke, making it harder to putt off-line, even on mishits away from the center of the face.
  • Wingman 706 – This lone Center-Shafted hosel provides an alignment-oriented Face-Balanced putter suited for players who keeps their eyes directly above the ball and takes the club straight back and swings straight through the ball. With equal amounts of weight in the heel and toe, this type of club suits a player who keeps his eyes directly above the ball and takes the club straight back and swings straight through the ball.

The stock shaft of the Wingman 700 series is the KBS CT Tour putter shaft. This stepless steel-putter has a stiffer structure throughout the shaft and specifically in the tip to provide more stability. The firmer profile makes the putter feel easier to control and provides better head awareness. All models will be available in 33”, 34” and 35” in RH only.

About Tour Edge

In 2022, Tour Edge is celebrating 36 years as a highly renowned and top-selling golf club and bag manufacturer serving the global golf market.

Tour Edge is an American owned and operated company out of Batavia, Illinois that manufactures and sells golf clubs under three distinct sub-brands:

  • Exotics: a tour-preferred line of ultra-premium equipment featuring next-level innovation and materials that is in the bags of over 135 of the world’s top professionals.
  • Hot Launch: the highest level of performance and game improvement innovation design at a mid-tier price point and the #1 custom fitted value in golf.
  • “Get in the Game” products: featuring complete sets for men, women, seniors, and juniors, as well as individual drivers, putters, wedges, and golf bags designed for casual and beginning golfers on a budget.

The legendary #TeamTourEdge tour staff includes Alex Cejka, Ken Duke, Bernhard Langer, Tom Lehman, Scott McCarron, Tim Petrovic, Duffy Waldorf and Mike Weir.

Tour Edge products have been in play for 28 victories on the PGA Tours, including 10 on the PGA TOUR and 17 on the PGA TOUR Champions.

All premium, Tour Edge golf clubs are hand-built in the U.S.A and carry a Lifetime Warranty that covers any manufacturer defects for the life of the product.