SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (Nov. 1, 2012) – The company that is changing the way golfers enjoy the game has pushed the envelope again with the launch of the TRUE sensei on Nov. 1. TRUE’s unique and innovative barefoot platform has been taken to another level with the sensei, which combines the look and feel of a running shoe with the proven comfort and performance that fans of the brand have grown to expect.
The TRUE sensei will be available at select retailers Nov. 1 and online at It will launch in three color options and retail for $99.

The sporting world got a glimpse of the versatility of the sensei platform thanks to the efforts of co-founders Ryan Moore and Rob Rigg. Moore recently won the PGA TOUR’s Justin Timberlake Shiners Hospital for Children Open wearing the shoes, while Rigg completed the Portland Marathon in the sensei on the same day.

“The versatility of the sensei and its barefoot platform was wholly represented during that memorable weekend,” Moore said. “Any time you’re fortunate enough to win on the PGA Tour event is cause for celebration, but the fact Rob finished the Portland Marathon in the same shoes on the same day is an incredible accomplishment and a testament to the product innovation occurring at TRUE.”

Rigg said he had been training in the TRUE sensei for about six months leading into the race in Portland, his first marathon, which he completed in less than four hours.

“As far as I can tell, I was the only person running in golf shoes at the marathon,” Rigg said. “The new sensei barefoot platform combines TRUE comfort with thoughtful design qualities tailored to long enjoyable days on the course, the trails or the road. The TRUE sensei is ideal for golf, running, hiking and, frankly, anywhere else life takes you.”

TRUE became the first company to build a golf shoe on a barefoot platform. By removing the midsole and providing a wider toe box, the foot is able to function naturally throughout the swing or stride. While built from the same model as the tour and stealth, the TRUE sensei platform features a new profile and spike configuration, a breathable mesh upper similar to existing running shoes and the thinnest sole in golf, while maintaining slipper-like comfort for everyday use.

About TRUE linkswear
TRUE linkswear, a Scottsdale-based footwear and apparel company, created the first golf shoe built on a barefoot platform, allowing the golfer to truly “Feel the Course,” while enabling them to walk 36 holes right out of the box in total comfort. TRUE was inspired by the emerging minimalist trend in running, where many shoes have shifted away from highly-engineered structures, such as arch supports and heavily-cushioned heels, to a shoe that better utilizes the anatomical features of the foot. TREU brings this nature-engineered approach to golf by creating a shoe built on a barefoot platform feature a wide-toe box so toes can function naturally through the swing, which encourages proper weight transfer, balance and natural stability. TRUE has emerged as a leader in the minimalist movement in golf, which has recently been adopted now by some of the world’s largest brands. Many customers have proclaimed TRUE as “the most comfortable shoes” they have ever worn due to the unique construction method. While many companies tout a “barefoot” experience, they still feature large midsoles that separate the player from the ground. Only TRUE offers the thinnest sole in golf (2.5mm), while still providing the durability to stand up to the most avid player. TRUE products are now available at many national retailers, including Golfsmith, PGA TOUR Superstores, Golf Galaxy and GolfTown in Canada. For more information,