Some may say that Friday the 13th is unlucky for most. On this Friday the 13th, it was the exact opposite for Eric Mabee out of Oak Hill CC as he shot a 3 under 69 to claim 1st place in the Individual Event at  the 2011 WNYPGA Make A Wish Pro Am at Webster GC in Webster, NY. (All scores At Bottom)
In a tie for second, shooting 2 under 70, were PGA Professional of the Year in 2010, Jim Mrva, Eddie Suchora from Park CC and Jeff Urzetta from Oak Hill CC. In the Senior Professional division Mike Judy took first place and Bill Neary took 2nd place. Leading the way for the Pro Am team event was Peak-N-Peak Head Professional, Dwayne Randall.  Dwayne’s team consisted of Dave Peterson, Shane Hewitson and Jesse Cicione.  The team posted a best 2 of 4 ball score of 130.  Congratulations to the winners and a special thank you to Scott Chambers and his staff at Webster GC.

1st    Eric Mabee    69

T-2    Jim Mrva    70
Eddie Suchora    70
Jeff Urzetta    70

5th    Kirk Stauffer    71

T-6th    Scott Bates    73
Adam Condello    73
Dwayne Randall    73

T-9th    Shem Gossage    74
Jeff Kaye    74
Steve Latimer    74
Ryan Swanson    74
Mike D’Orazio    75
David Granata    75
Jon Hoecker    76
Bob King    78
Brendan Murphy    78
Rod Harris    79
Jason Piurkoski    79
Mike Judy    84
Bill Neary    85
Bernie Quinn    87
Denny Ferstler    wd

Senior Pro
1st    Mike Judy    84
2nd    Bill Neary    85

Scores Pro-Am Teams
1st    Dwayne Randall-Dave Peterson-Shane Hewitson-Jessie Cicione    130
T-2    Denny Ferstler-Colm Murphy-Joe Messineo-John Devendorf    131
Jason Piurkoski-Dan Edwards-Dom Vieira-Paul Dilorenzo    131
4th    Mike D’Orazio-Steve D’Dorazio-Mike Lentz-Shane Dobesh    133
T-5    Dave Granata-Dana Brown-Darryl Brown-Mike Burkons    135
Jon Hoecker-Larry Beattie-Mike Beard-Paul Frommert    135
Jeff Kaye-Dana Leonard-Mike Militello-Jeff Jung    135
Jim Mrva-Steve McCluski-Tami Schenkel-Andrew Schenkel    135
Brendan Murphy-Mark Thompson-Tom Miller-Kevin Groth    135
Bill Neary-Robert Kartes-Don Oosterveen-Jeanine Oosterveen    135
Kirk Stauffer-Barry Stauffer-Bob Wensley-Ruth Wensley    135
Eric Mabee-Marcia Standera-Tammy Hammond-Margaret Henderson    136
Eddie Suchora-Rich Suchora-Joel Glassman-Carl Outh    136
Ryan Swanson-Mel Swanson-Alan Hanford-Paul Miller    136
Jeff Urzetta-John Teegardin-Russ Curtis-Frank Harmon    136
Scott Bates-Shane Facklemen-Ross Ciulla-Frank Cousineau    138
Adam Condello-Kira Mayo-John Carnevale-Don Preston    138
Steve Latimer-Mike Stuver-Mike Maynard-Dave Warfle    138
Rod Harris-Tom Burke-Mark Behringer-Rick Rock    139
Bernie Quinn-Bernie Quinn Sr.-Bryan Taillie-Ron Wheeler    139
Shem Gossage-Chris Howard-Doug Dorsey-Linda Dorsey    141
Bob King-John Pallar-Dave McBride-Randy Sprague    141
Mike Judy-Steve Ketchum-Brian Mastrella-Mark Mogilski    142