When asked more or less the same question about Steve Williams, Darren, Lee, Adam, Bubba and Luke had this to say, courtesy of ASAP Sports:

DARREN CLARKE: Well, my caddies have won 21 tournaments around the world (Laughter.) I don’t know, Stevie is an over-exuberant sort of guy. Adam obviously played fantastic golf, and you know, I think if it had of been my caddie, he might have kept it a little bit quieter. But each to their own. I’m sure Stevie didn’t mean any harm by it, but he was just very excited to win with Adam.

LUKE DONALD: I think Stevie was given the opportunity to talk and he had the right to say what he wanted to say. The only disappointing thing that I found personally from it was there was no talk of how pleased he was about Adam winning. It was a little bit deflected away from Adam winning, and obviously the caddie does play an important role, but I think if he had mentioned something about Adam, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

ADAM SCOTT: Look, you know, having a quiet word with Steve is — (chuckling) — not very easy. He’s a big guy, you know. Look, we’ve had our chat about the whole thing, and he feels the way he feels. And look, I just took what he said, again, as confidence for me. If he really feels that that was one of his great wins, then you know, I’m kind of flattered and it fills me with confidence, and I think that’s what his intention is to be honest. He was really excited to win. Obviously he had not won for a little while, and for him, he’s really passionate about it, and that’s what I see. And when you’re passionate and in that situation, you know, I think it all got a little out of hand, but you know, we’ll just go on from there. And hopefully, like I said, we’ll let our clubs do the talking for the rest of this week.

BUBBA WATSON: I made a bogey, bogey on the last two holes last week, so I could care less what Stevie and all them are talking about. You know, it’s just — it’s what it is. I said some comments earlier at France where people ran with them and said I said stuff; they said I said stuff about Tiger, which I love Tiger; I think he’s the best player ever. Media just runs with stuff. And if they — whatever he said, he said it was his best week. It might have been. It might have been his best week. We don’t know. He played with a guy — he caddied for a guy who played awesome golf. He said the fans were cheering for him. He said his family was happy for him back home. So obviously it was a good week for him. He’s trying to get over a downfall — he caddied for a guy, won 63 times and got let go. You’d be upset with that, too. Maybe Adam pays more, I don’t know. Whatever.

LEE WESTWOOD: I probably would. I thought there was no relevance to the interview other than to have a good dig at Tiger Woods in the ribs, putting him on TV. It’s blatantly obvious that he’s a fantastic caddie, because he’s won with all different kind of players. I just didn’t see the point in putting him on TV. Obviously he does a good job. And there’s obviously a bit of friction there. So, what’s the point.