Ahead of a trip to the Treasure Coast of Florida, I looked at my wardrobe options and realized that a light-wearing pair of khakis was noticeably missing. Fortunately for me, Bonobos exists. A few years back, I wrote a feature on GolfWRX for the Justin Rose Collection, and fell head over heels for this company. It was an easy ask for a pair of trousers, and the company responded with its latest performance pant. It’s now 2022, and the JRC is now called the Justin Rose Pro Shop. Fair. Names evolve, but performance remains constant. That’s the lead for this piece on the Performance Link Pant.

Part One: Keep Your Pants On!

See this gripper up above? No button, no way! This handy little grommet and groove is the ideal way to keep your pants on. I cannot count the number of buttons that have poor thread interaction, which leads to buttons popping. Not my belly that’s at fault, friend. It’s just a bad sew job. Bonobos takes that penalty out of play with no threads. Grommet stays in place, groove stays in place. Grommet, meet Groove. A perfect partnership.

Part Two: Lighter than a summer breeze

In my case, it was a spring breeze along Florida’s East Coast. For a northern guy, that’s kinda like summer, especially when you jump off a plane in the Palm Beaches, fresh from a New York chill. It’s a fairly-known fact that most people ride for golf in the Sunshine State, both to avoid the sun and the persistent gators. We rode, but I had a number of long walks from one side of the fairway to the other. These performance pants performed to the max. They never clung (clinged?) and they never sponged up and felt heavy. Any perspiration was whicked away in an instant, and I was able to focus on the golf. Might be why my best rounds came while wearing these chaps.

Part Three: Do you know how good you look?

Always nice to receive a compliment, and a few of them came my way at a pair of resort courses. Folks in the pro shop, in the diner, and out on the course wondered about the company that made such stylish breeches. I was happy to oblige, for a pair of reasons. First, Bonobos is soooo much fun to say, whether you use a Long O or a Short O when saying it. Second, it’s even more fun to wear, for the reasons mentioned above.

For complete transparency, I’m not the model in the image seen above. Alas, not everything looks that good! Bonobos’ Peformance Links 5-Pocket Pants gets thumbs up or big toes up or whatever method of evaluation you need to head over to the site and begin your purchase adventure. They’ll give you 15% off your first order for signing up for email updates. Can’t beat that, so click the link below and …

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