I’ve used many a towel over the years to clean my clubs, dry my hands and wipe my brow (sometimes all three at once.) On a whim, I decided to purchase a ClubGlove towel a fortnight ago, with an eye on doing a review of the product. Rarely does a towel merit inclusion in a review, but this one is special enough to earn a complete review on its own.

The ClubGlove caddy towel came with a separate towel square, a small version of the headliner, perfect enough to fit in a pants pocket. The reasoning is this: the larger towel attaches to the bag via a hole in the middle. You feed the bag strap through the hole and egads! no lost towel, ever. The square is the portable version and travels with you to green and tee. Sort of like a handkerchief, but without the icky mocos to sully it.

There are towels that absorb too little, and towels that absorb too much. Like Baby Bear’s porridge of Goldilocks‘ fame, this one seems to do it just right. I’ve read a few hyperbolic review, laced with bombast, on this product, including this one. If a towel impacts your game that much, you might want to revisit your reasons for playing golf. In my mind, the towel needs to be that faithful dog, that reliable car, that…well, that’s the idea. It needs to be felt, used, washed, but not decried nor regretted. The CB caddy towel does those three things very well.

How? Why? Microfiber construction and waffle texture. The caddy towel holds its water, but not in an add-five-pounds manner that burdens the bag and makes the long march a regretful waste of time and energy. It does happen, and your towel shouldn’t be the cause. If you insist on proof that the world’s most demanding caddies utilize this towel under the tours’ most stressful conditions, go ahead and click off.

I’ll leave you with a bit of my own funny bombast. While typing out this wee review, my fingers mistyped “Caddy” as “Daddy” at least five times. Maybe, just maybe, that’s the role of the CB Daddy Caddy Towel: to be the supportive father in the background that we all need. ClubGlove, you have my support and my gratitude.




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