We’ve reviewed Groovy Guy Gifts in the past, and we had the opportunity to check out one of their driver headcovers in 2021. After assembling our team of great thinkers, we decided that the Gorilla, found under number 76 (Cuter than your game) was the one for us.

The gorilla came as advertised, and the fit on our driver was sized perfectly. Emboldened, we headed off to the golf course, where the headcover drew attention from all around.

No holding back here: kids loved it, teens were enthusiastic, middle-aged guys gave a thumbs-up, and old guys hated it. We’ve never seen such consistent takes across age groups, but there you have it.

What did we take away from the experience? Fashion statements in golf aren’t going to satisfy all golfers. It’s possible to take the conservative route with clothing and headcovers, and appease the masses. When your goal is to make a statement, invest yourself 100% and stand tall.

Gorillas everywhere, salute!