In advance of my trip to Atlantic City this April, I purchased a Nike duffle bag (that I knew I’d need) and some Nike all-weather gloves (that I hoped I wouldn’t need.) Sad to say that I needed both products, but glad to say that I can now write this review in a complete and real sense. The duffle bag that I purchased is called the Brasilia. It comes in a variety of sizes (Medium, Large, perhaps more) and has an over-the-shoulder strap, along with two hand-carry straps that unite via a velcro wrap. On either end of the big, main pocket are smaller pockets, for separation. The gloves that I bought are Nike All-Weather II and are meant to be worn in the rain. Beginning on Wednesday and continuing for two days, I confronted a great many drops during my course review trip.









The lightness of the Brasilia caught my attention. Its durability is what I hope to find over the course of time. Needing to pack enough pants, shirts, cold-weather undergarments, socks and other necessities for the week, I found that I had plenty of space in the Brasilia. I didn’t need to utilize the end pockets, which certainly would have allowed for a few more items. Whether I travel by car or plane, I’m confident that this duffle will be with me and will meet my needs.











The week began well enough, with warm weather for my Monday PM and Tuesday AM and PM rounds. The skies and the winds turned ugly on Wednesday morning, necessitating the utilization of gloves on each hand. The Nikes didn’t help against the cold, but nothing short of winter gloves would have provided any relief. They certainly offered sure and complete purchase on the club, ensuring that any mistakes were mine (and not the fault of the equipment nor the weather.)