If you’re particular, there are two models of the Powerbilt Air Force One driver. The first is called the AFO (self-explanatory) DFX (not so obvious) Tour model, while the second version replaces “Tour” with MOI (for moment of inertia.) The Tour model comes in four lofts for RH golfers (8.5, 9.5, 10.5 & 12.5), the latter two for LH golfers. The retail price of the Tour model is $300. The MOI model offers 9.5, 10.5 and 12.5-degree lofts for RH golfers, with the latter two again available for LH golfers.

What is different in this Powerbilt club head is precisely what is inside the club head. Injected into the hollow core is Nitrogen, as with tires on high-performance race cars. Considered to be one of the most stable gases and offers more consistent levels than oxygen. Nitrogen is also used in Louisville Slugger aluminum bats, where a gas-filled bladder sits inside the bat’s barrel and, according to the company, maximizes all contact. To ensure that the gas does not leak (at least for 5 years, the extent of the guarantee), the company injects a special resin into the hollow core, to effectively seal the club head from any sort of gap or fissure.

2014 AFO Driver (Small)                                DPP_0152Driver (Small)

When it comes to tricking out the rest of the club, as always, shaft agreement is the key. Senior, Regular, Stiff and Extra-Stiff shafts are available from six, high-end manufacturers (Oban, Fujikura, Fubuki, Graphite Design, Aldila and Diamana.) If you plan to make an internet purchase, be sure to test the available shafts before completing the process. Lightweight versus heavier shafts make a huge difference, whether it be on that first, nervous swing of the day or the home stretch, when the clubs feel their heaviest.

I’m a fan of the look of the Air Force One DFX. In my bag is the 9.5 degree tour model, with a Fujikura Fuel shaft. I’m confident in revealing I chose the wrong shaft stiffness for this driver. When I smack it against other drivers, even though I’m consistently in the fairway with the AFO, I find myself consistently 15 yards shy with the stiff Fuel shaft. I’m at a point in my golfing development where my strength and speed are waning and I need to start testing regular-stiffness clubs. I apologize to Powerbilt for this crime of hubris, but I do like the sound and flight of this driver head a lot!

By the way, for you gear heads and marketing types, the DF stands for Deep Faced, while the X distinguishes the 2014 model from the previous year’s iteration.

           DPP_0153Driver (Small) DPP_0154Driver (Small)