My serious side is readily counterbalanced by a penchant for humor, an acute lean toward comedy. I like a good giggle on an hourly frequency. If I have students or friends who tend toward the silent, introspective earthly realm, I often remark that she or he absorbs sound. There’s a method to this madness, so draw on your patience and stick around.

A chummy duo and I traveled south-east to Pennsylvania this week to play three outstanding golf courses. We hardly stepped off the putting green when Thing 1 announced that he had managed to separate the sole of his golf shoe from the upper. He limped around for six holes until the superintendent brought him some shoe goo, creating the necessary and prompt seal to permit him to finish his round. Knowing that the cleats would not hold up through another 54 holes, we stopped at Richard’s along the way to pick up a new pair of golf soles for the unfortunate creature.

Imagining for a moment that I had never worn Puma golf shoes before, and absolutely enchanted by the blend of grey, orange and white (I felt like diving on the floor to get the call) I whipped out my plastic money and purchase a pair of Faas Light Mesh golf shoes from Rico’s. After 54 holes of walking, walking and more walking (no carrying, as the caddies did the grunt work) I can announce for all and one that the Puma Faas Light Mesh golf shoe absorbs gravity.

Yes, you read properly. The shoe absorbs gravity. They are so absurdly light that I felt as though I were floating along the grass tips. I have a call in to Stephen Hawking, anticipating that he will be able to put a name to this phenomenon. In the interim, you’ll have to take my untrained, under-educated word. I was, if you’ll pardon the metaphors, a Baryshnikov of the bunkers, a Nureyev of the knee-knockers. I danced, nay, hovered along the Quaker state fairways.

I’m not 100% certain that these shoes will hold up to the dew of a morning round or the downpour of a rainy day, but that’s quite all right by me. I don’t play the majority of my golf under those conditions. I know that I will amble about the course feeling at least 4 pounds lighter, thanks to these prodigious advances. Oh, the hapless shoe-destroyer picked up a lightweight pair as well, but since they weren’t Puma Faas, I can’t discuss them here.

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