If you know BuffaloGolfer, then you’ve read reviews that conjoin unrelated products. We’re not lazy; we simply prefer to give you more for your money. If you’re to take the time to click through to a certain piece, we want to bring you disparate products and awaken your purchasing intellect. Today we have a new hat from Imperial Headwear and a new app from rules simplifier Yves-Ton That. What we’ll offer you today is the following: our review, a press release, and an image gallery for each product. We’ll open with the Imperial headwear and cl0se with the golf app.

Imperial headwear powered by CoolCore

Golf headwear for me is an all-purpose purchase. I’ll wear it on the golf course, but I’ll also bring it out for workouts, runs, biking and all-around sweating. What I need is one lid that caters to my expectations for all fitness activities. No headbands or any other supplementary head gear need apply. I’ve worn a black Imperial hat with CoolCore for each of the aforementioned activities and I don’t know what most of that description means. What I am able to confirm is that it keeps me cool to the core. It’s no wonder you find Imperial hats at a lot of courses and clubs, and at amateur tournaments.


Cooling Technology Lowers Fabric Temperature Up to 30 Percent Below Skin Temperature
BOURBON, MO – Imperial Headwear has announced that its Imperial Powered by Coolcore® hatshave begun hitting pro shop shelves. Introduced in January at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, the products have been well received by the many golf professionals who have experienced them.

“The most anticipated golf headwear of the season is now available at better golf shops across

the country,” says David Shaffer, Director of Marketing at ImperialHeadwear. “Cooling fabrics are definitely the next trend in performance fabrics and Imperial is excited to be the first company to bring this industry-leading Coolcore technology to the golf market,” says Shaffer.

Coolcore® provides a cooling solution that extends beyond traditional moisture-management fabrics or evaporative cooling technologies that typically rely on chemicals. It’s 100% free of chemicals, polymers, gels, crystals or phase changing materials, ensuring all Coolcore® benefits never wash out or degrade. And, Coolcore® fabrics deliver three distinct functions, including moisture wicking, moisture transportation to accelerate drying, and regulated evaporation for a cooling effect. The result is up to 30% lower surface temperatures, drier garments that don’t cling or saturate, healthier chemical-free usage, and zero degradation of the cooling effect over time or washing. Coolcore® is the only company globally to receive the “Cooling Power” award from Hohesntein.

“Imperial’s new cooling technology has the potential to change the headwear business,” said Laura Robinson, Director of Retail at Pinehurst Resort. “The Pinehurst team saw their demonstration and we were all amazed at how this can be incorporated into headwear designs. Imperial impresses me with their innovation in the accessory category.”

The Imperial Powered by Coolcore® collection consists of nine headwear styles, over 50 SKU’s, and ranges from caps and visors to small fit and sun protection hats.For more information on Imperialpowered by Coolcore® products, please click on video below. To place an order, please call (800) 950-1916.

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Expert Golf Guidebook & Logbook

I have a bunch of friends on GolfClubAtlas who frequent the discussion board chat room. They discuss (brag about) all the bucket-list courses (ones you and I can’t get on) they’ve played. This app is perfect for them. I know some other lads who play anywhere, any place, any time. They’ve played over a thousand courses (which is mind-boggling, when you consider it) and will play a thousand more before they’re done. This app is perfect for them. If you’d like to access the free download, click here.

The “Logbook” allows users to document the rounds they have played. Instead of collecting logo’d balls or other club souvenirs, users always have their personal logbook with them on their iPhone. In addition, users can also rate courses they’ve played and thanks to the pool of ratings they know which courses are worth playing.
The “Golf Guide” contains every golf course in the world and gives users all the information they need (such as contact data, route planner, ratings and much, much more). Users can therefore plan their rounds and make tee time bookings quickly and easily. The guide is maintained and extended on a daily basis.

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