Robert Rock is one lucky fellow. He has a great name for metaphor and he is poised to discover which basic type he is. You see, he joins Tiger Woods at the top of the Abu Dhabi Championship after three rounds and now plays alongside the great champion as Woods seeks to reclaim his throne in the realm of golf.

I did a very petite amount of research and learned of three types of rock: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. It’s interesting that the first results from the cooling of magma, transforming from a liquid to a solid state. If I were in Rock’s position, the reverse might be true. Between the perspiration and the potential for pants-wetting, the only non-liquid locale on my body would be my throat, dry from tension.

Sedimentary rock has as its banner the notion of accumulation of debris. One could take this as a positive or a negative quality, depending on perspective and direction. Rock has certainly accumulated his share of successes and failures, of thrills and disappointments, as would any independent contractor. The debris that he will add on Sunday will paint a layer like no other on his career canvas.

Metamorphic rock seems to be the most likely candidate, although he is English and they are not ones for change. The changing of form will doubtless take place at Abu Dhabi. Most rookie Woods partners shoot between 74 and 80 when paired with him. From time to time, a Bob May or a Y.E. Yang emerges, but they are rare. Rock is expected to shoot five strokes higher than his worst round (70) of the three played. If he does better, he should count it as a success, regardless of his placing.

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