Could you have two more distinct figures to discuss than Scott Stallings and Tiger Woods? One is coming off the first win of his career, while the other seeks to regain the stature that made him the most reliable #1-ranked player in the world. Here’s what they’ve had to say this week.

Tiger might have played at Greenbrier? That would have been interesting!
“I was close to playing last week, but again, docs advised that maybe I’d want to take another week of training and really start pushing it pretty hard, so I did, and I feel good now. It was the right thing to do, and here I am.”

This tells me nothing…how about the finish lines to the shots, Mr. Woods…
” But the shots felt very crisp, very clean. I was very pleased. My start lines were good. They were nice and tight, which was good. ”

Does he go at the ball in practice as hard as he does in competition? That will tell all…
“The great thing is I don’t feel a thing. It feels solid, it feels stable, no pain. As I said, that’s one of the reasons why I took as long as I did to come back is that I want to get to this point where I can go ahead and start playing golf again like this.”

I really think that someone asked him to play at The Players…
“No, it was minor, but I came back and I played at THE PLAYERS. If I would have sat out probably another maybe week or two, then I would have been playing throughout this stretch. But THE PLAYERS is a big tournament and I wanted to come back and play in it and probably shouldn’t have.” For the entire interview, click here.

And hovering high above us, on a cloud in the skies, Mr. Stallings had this to say

Tough problem to have…charter to Reno or hitch hike to Akron…
“The charter flight was actually waiting on me to go to Reno. And when we got done, we didn’t know if I was going to Reno or coming here, and it was kind of confusing. My bags were going somewhere; we just weren’t sure where.”

How much do you like Kenny Perry again?
“Kenny, I think, was more excited than I was. I’ve spoken with him twice now, and I mean, he has gone more than out of his way to make me feel welcome on the PGA TOUR as a mentor, as a friend, as a fellow player, and has really been key to my success this year, has been definitely a person to ask questions to every single week, good or bad. And he’s definitely been a huge blessing to me, and his wife, Sandy, too, for my wife Jennifer, someone to ask questions, kind of bounce things back and forth off of. That’s a relationship that I definitely didn’t expect it to go as far as it did, but I’m very thankful that it has.”

Who is in your posse again?
“But with guys like Keegan and Jhonattan Vegas and Chris Kirk and guys like that winning and all good friends of mine and the success that they’ve had, especially with them going on a similar track that I have on the many tours, the Nationwide Tour to the PGA TOUR, and just being able to chat with them. Guys like Gary Woodland, I played with him on Saturday and being able to ask him questions about winning and the different things that he’s gone through…”

“I spoke in depth after winning the Greenbrier about how excited I was to go to Boston. I was born just outside the city in Worcester, Massachusetts. So any opportunity I had to be around Boston and to be a part of anything that has to do with the Red Sox and New England sports in general, I’m happy to be there. So anxious to get there. It just kind of depends on where we are around.”

For the entire interview, click here.