If you’ve noticed a dearth of feature pieces since December, I apologize, as I’m about to explain the why of it all. December to February is an exciting time in the golf world. New equipment releases are on the immediate horizon, with the PGA and Turf shows coming in consecutive January weeks. The tours reignite their schedules, and by March, we are back to five-six events per week. For me, thoughts turn to our varsity girls season, which begins early in the third month. I’ve had just enough time to miss golf coaching, as boys season ends in October. This year has been different, and I wanted to let you know about all the stories I wanted to write, that I didn’t get the chance to feature.


1. Wehrle dome comes down

The winds of December brought down two domes on consecutive days. First came Wehrle, and not be choice. The skin was shreaded, although I’ve heard lately that a new one’s arrival is imminent.

2. Tonawanda dome comes down

Yep, right after the Eastern dome dropped, the western dome was dropped. Purposefully. A blower blew, and the town made the right call to avoid additional damage by deflating. The dome refilled a few weeks back, and soon it shall reopen.

3. Golf shops remained open

Donna, Kevin, and Dave are three of the golf heroes of blizzard season. They run the operation at Golf Headquarters, in the Wehrle Dome complex. Along with the adjacent Local Grill, they remained open in the stable, concrete building that anchors the dome.

4. Golf simulators were booked solid

In case you didn’t know, we have this many golf simulators in Buffalo-Niagara. There may be more. When the domes went down, competition for the tee sheet at all these venues skyrocketed.

-Tees and Taps in Orchard Park;
-Buffalo Golf and Social in Buffalo;
-Golf Dojo in Williamsville;
-Glen Oak in North Amherst;
-The Links Golf and Tap in Niagara Falls;
-Golf Headquarters in Lancaster;
-The Club House at Seneca One in Buffalo.

5. Travel, Photography, etc.

I love to write about places that I’ve been and will be, and images that I’ve taken. I don’t always play the course. I’ve long since learned that simply being on the golf grounds is enough juice for me. Golfing my ball is extra mustard.


So, why not? Why weren’t these written? In December, to shorten a complicated story, my wife received a cancer diagnosis. Everything stopped and froze and changed. I’ve raised money for cancer research at Roswell Park for years. Now we were on the opposite side of the desk. She (and me, by extension) was being treated, with no certainty nor guarantees. She was fortunate to find out, and even more fortunate to work with the people who guided us through surgery and treatment.

Surgery was in January. Treatment began in February and will continue on, into the summer. I’m wearing my mask again, using a separate bathroom, anti-bacing my hands all the time. She has to be braver than I’ll ever be. She has to be stronger than I’ll ever know. She has to let me hold her and help her. As a result, I’m writing less. I feel like all the animals at once in this image, looking every which way.


I’ll leave you with two links. The first is a feature blog that the Bald For Bucks team wrote about me and the time I’ve spent, involved with their efforts. The second is a direct link to my donation page, in case you know someone who might be interested in supporting cancer research. I’ll have more news down the road. For now, this is sufficient.


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Let this random image from the city of Tonawand Burger King remind us all that no matter the circumstances and no matter the challenges, we rule.