It’s all over the news services…print, digital, video. Buoyed by Keegan Bradley’s maiden major championship victory (the maiden for the belly putter, too) the anchored putter is now the most controversial subject in all of golf. Who would have thought that a club would make the world of golf forget the trials and tribulations of Tiger?

Until Saturday the 15th (the Ides of October?) I had little interest in this increasingly-popular method of rolling the orb over the shortest grass. It didn’t click with me in any form or fashion. I found myself killing time in the southtowns and stopped in at a large sporting goods store at a large consumer plaza.

Of late, I’m attached to one of those two-ball putters from … you know, THAT company. I glanced around and, sho’nough, I saw the extended dance remix of the two-ball, with just enough shaft to reach my gut. My initial few attempts were spastic at best, so I decided to adjust the abdominal pressure and  i AY CARAMBA ! we had a winner.

Increasing the ab pressure provided the proper anchor and allowed me to repeat the pendulum, regardless of distance. Afforded the amount of time that professionals practice their putting, I reckoned that improved belly putting was well within my grasp. It won’t be happening, mind you, as I am too much of a conformist to tradition to make the change (yet.) After all, I’m just standing my ground like Phil and Ernie did.