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The secret to golf is that there is no secret, hard work makes good play.

However, if there was one, it would be learning how to sustain an angle through the
golf ball. This pertains to a slightly bent or bowed left wrist, and a cupped right wrist,
at and through impact. These wrist angles are the mainstays of ball striking.
If you can’t do that, you can’t compress the golf ball, and that means that you will
play sub standard golf.

The Inverted Praying Hands Drill

I use this inverted praying hands drill with all my students to ingrain the correct feel
for the wrists, it’s quick and easy to do.

Get yourself into good golf posture without a club, point your hands and fingers
downwards like you have inverted praying hands, then point your wrists and fingers to
the rear (away from the target) so that your left wrist is bent and your right wrist is

Then just make short chipping length swings with a short follow through, maintaining the
bent left wrist and cupped right wrist all the way into an abbreviated follow through.

When you are able to do that, you can make the drill even more effective by bowing
your left wrist out further as your hands pass through the impact area, as if you are
trying to hit something in your follow through with your bowed wrist. This will give
you the feeling that you are actually increasing the wrist angles through impact,
a true “flip” inhibiting move.

When I do this with students, I hold an impact bag and have them deliver strikes with
an inside to outside path, that way the drill works on two issues at once – wrist
positions and swing path – double bang for your practice time buck.

Do 100 repetitions of this daily and watch your ball striking improve like magic.

There are also a few good DVD’s out there on ball striking, as well as a few good books,
and of course there are always lessons.

Whatever it takes, practice and learn the principles of ball striking if you want your
game to improve.

Enjoy, Tom

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