Tom Tucker offers two mid-summer quick tips to keep your mojo going or to re-start your game, in time for club championships.

Find The Fall Line!
When you approach the green, you must try to find the fall line around the hole. Imagine a bucket of water being poured around the hole. The fall line would be the direction in which it flows. There will be no break up or down the fall line and maximum break across it.

Remember that uphill breaking putts will break considerably less than similar downhill breaking putts.

Putting Drill
All you need is two pieces of pvc about 2 ft long, or a couple of Fiberglas driveway marker rods from Lowes, 4 ft long (around $2 each). Note: the rods can also double as alignment aids on the range, every serious golfer should have one or two in his/her bag.

Simply lay the rods or pvc on the ground forming two parallel lines just wider than your putter head, then practice your stroke keeping the putterhead between the lines, keeping the putterface square to your aimline all the way back and through, and keeping your head PERFECTLY STILL.

As you take your strokes, say “stroke” to yourself each time you perform your stroke, and say “hold” to yourself as you complete each stroke, to remind yourself to hold your finish before you look to see the result of the stroke. This will give you a steady and true stroke, a consistent roll-out, and should help immensely with short makable putts.