Tom’s Bonus Tip:
Lesson Learned

For the sake of simplicity, all advice on swings and drills is provided from a right handed perspective; lefties …. well, you know what to do!

A have a student that stopped in the other day for a spring checkup of his swing.

This particular student started taking lessons last year, and after a few lessons he was really striping the ball. I had a lot of talent to work with, and he has a good mind for golf.

That’s usually a good combination.

I asked him what his handicap was and I was shocked to hear that he was a high single digit handicapper.

I mentioned that I thought that we could get it down very low this year, but he was disinterested, and that’s when I got a lesson on enjoyment of the game. By the way, he’s not a handicap sandbagger, he’s an honest guy.

He told me that he had a handicap that seemed to be a bit high for his game because he thrived on playing high risk shots. Even though he often succeeded, he also often failed and carded a big number.

Even so, that’s how he really enjoyed playing the game.

My thoughts were to get him to a really low handicap, but that was my ambition not his.

Lesson learned; he was right in that he found the way that he really enjoyed playing the game, and in the end that should be everyone’s priority.

Love your practice, enjoy your golf,