The first thing I would do is have a look at your game last season and ask yourself what you did well and in what areas you could save strokes? In most cases we find that the short game and putting is always an area where a few strokes can slip away, given that it is such a large percentage of our game. That’s why good fundamentals and consistency are vital.

Next, create some realistic goals that will help you improve those elements of your game that need some work. A reasonable goal would be to practice these takeaway positions twice per week, 20 minutes each session: practice taking the club away to the 1/2, 3/4 , and full swing positions, and returning it to the ground in the impact position. Learn these takeaway positions cold, then as soon as the weather permits, go to the range and hit balls with your wedges from these backswing positions and note the distances. I can just about guarantee that you’ll have some new “go to” shots from 75 yards and in that will improve your scoring ability.

Another reasonably simple goal would be to practice 3 to 5 foot putts once a week for 15 minutes. These goals will lead to improvement in the areas that most of us need to work on. By doing this you are setting goals or behaviors that you can control that will help lead to improved results. The most important part of this is consistency of effort over time, and concentration.

Tom Tucker
Batavia Country Club Head Teaching Professional
WGTF “Top 100 Golf Teacher”
USGTF Class “A” Teaching Professional
Genesee Community College Golf Coach
Cell: (716) 474-3005