Moving day is traditionally recognized as the Saturday/Third round of a golfing event. For the Pan Am Games of Toronto 2015, the vans might have arrived a day early. A great number of golfers were most likely eliminated from medal contention by Friday’s uncooperative weather. If the tournament committee moves the tees up and/or cuts easier hole locations, a dark horse from the middle of the pack might catch fire and make a run at the podium. For now, we’ll take put our money on the golfers under par and predict that your Gold, Silver and Bronze medalists will emerge from these four women and eight men.

  Women   Men
  Andrea Lee -7 (USA)   Felipe Aguilar -8 (Chile)
  Mariajo Uribe -5 (Colombia)   Luis Barco -6 (Peru)
  Julieta Granada -5 (Paraguay)   Lee McCoy -6 (USA)
   Marijosse -3 (Mexico)   Austin Connelly -5 (Canada)
  Adilson da Silva -3 (Brasil)
  Tommy Cocha -2 (Argentina)
  Jose Luis Montaño -2 (Bolivia)
  Mark Tullo -1 (Chile)

The mixed team event saw four teams distance themselves from the other twelve. The United States (275) hold a three-stroke lead over Colombia (278), who are followed by Argentina (281) and Peru (282). Host country Canada was handcuffed by Brooke Henderson’s late withdrawal. At this juncture, Lorie Kane has to go it alone on the women’s side and her form is not great (79-83). Her place on the Canadian team is more ceremonial than anything else, but it’s hard to imagine that Henderson would have counted for more than 144 to this point. That 16-stroke improvement would have elevated the hosts from their current 11th place standing (301) to 5th place, at 285.

Friday Afternoon Photo Gallery

The women were off the course by the time we returned to the fairways, so apologies to them. We’ll make a concerted effort to get more images of them on Saturday morning.

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