As sure as there were hockey pucks for paperweights on the first tee at Angus Glen, the leaders and the followers in the Men’s division knew that standing pat at par was not worth much on Pan Am Games Saturday. This was not the case for the women, where anything under par was gravy. At 1:30 pm, the following golfers had made substantial moves on the leader board.

Women Men
Kristen Gillman-USA
-1 through 6
Marcelo Rozo-Colombia
-7 through 15
Paola Moreno-Colombia
-1 through 6
Beau Hossler-USA
-5 through 15
Andrea Lee-USA
-1 through 5
Juan Alvarez-Uruguay
-4 through 18
Veronica Felibert-Venezuela
Even through 9
Alejandro Tosti-Argentina
-4 through 16
Lorie Kane-Canada
Even through 9
Luis Garza-Mexico
-3 through 17
Lucia Gutierrez-Peru
Even through 9
George Scanlon-Bolivia
-3 through 18
Julieta Granada-Paraguay
Even through 9
Tommy Cocha-Argentina
-3 through 13
Mariajo Uribe-Colombia
Even through 9
Jorge Garcia-Venezuela
-2 through 14
Ariadna Fonseca-Venezuela
+1 through 8
Andre Tourinho-Brasil
-2 through 14

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