The impact position is one of the few absolute fundamental positions in the golf swing.

As a result of that thinking, I designed a series of impact drills which the team does every day at the beginning of class. We do other drills also, but the impact drills are a daily regimen. The main drill is the “toe up to toe up” drill, and I’ve been hitting 82 balls per day with this same daily impact drill they do, in my basement.

They hit “Almost Golf Balls” into a gymnasium divider curtain, and I look for a solid “boring” ball flight with a little draw spin tendency. I can tell if the spin looks like it’s going to be good by watching their follow through, and I am 150% convinced that these kids will have improved their ball striking significantly by the time we get outside when the weather breaks.

I was worried that working on a “Boring” trajectory through impact like this might get boring for the students, but they really seem to like it and to buy into it.

Here’s something else that’s not mentioned often. It’s well known and well advertised that a sure fire way to lower your scores is to work on your putting and chipping. I’m a huge proponent of that, because as I get older and my swing speed falls off, it’s imperative that my short game is impeccable if I want to compete with the young guns.

I also know that if I can improve my greens hit in regulation (GIR), that I can get a chance to make all that putting practice really pay dividends. This is where better ball striking comes into play.

Doing this simple impact drill regularly can put you on the road to better impact, a more boring and penetrating ball flight, more greens hit in regulation, and hopefully lower scores:

Thanks, Tom