10. Steve Stricker is still Steve Stricker. I don’t know if he doesn’t like to run away from fields or if he subscribes to the theory of “make pars and let them chase/catch me.” If it’s the latter, why doesn’t he have a major yet?

9. Martin Laird should win again in 2011. This Scotsman won last year (duhhh) and nearly chased Stricker down after faltering midway through round four.

8. Simpson, Bradley,Kirk…nice job playing with house money and no cut. Let’s see what week two brings. I’m guessing they’ll play really well until Pebble Beach

7. Who else beyond Tiger Woods makes the most noise when he is not at an event? Opening the year at Pebble, site of some sweet wins in the past. Poppy Hills is out and Monterrey Peninsula Shore course is in for the 3rd or 4th year now. These guys have played against Tiger in the past, but have they really played against him at his best? Game on.

6. Louis Oosthuizen is still Louis Oosthuizen. Took care of business in his home country, defeating a home boy named Tjaart by a stroke or two to open the European/South Africa seasons.

5. If you go to a golf tournament, play golf. Don’t vacation, Lucas Glover! Paddle board was a bad choice. If you go snowboarding, Paul Casey, well, don’t go snow boarding. Have you met Len Mattiace?

4. Scott Arnold or Kurt Barnes will make golf news this year. They finished 1-2 at the Victoria Open on the Australian PGA Tour…remember these prophetic words!

3. They firm up and shave down some of the fairways at Kapalua. Don’t ask me how I know, I just do. There is no way that those dudes, super humans that they are, hit the ball in excess of 400 yards. Do I blame them? HELL NO! Golf needs its amps, its rage, its fierce, from time to always.

2. If Charl and Louis go back to back to start the season, I’m stoked for their continued fine play on the world stage. Two different bodies, similar results when firing on all.

1. The next Louis or Charl is named Jaco. Been watching this guy on the Southie tour for a few years. If you want to become a reliable tournament professional, I think that South Africa is the best developmental tour.