@buffalolooper on Twitter has vehemently objected a second time to the exclusion of Canadian courses from our “Best Nth Hole in Buffalo-Niagara” series of elections. His current objection centers around the 11th at Cherry Hill (Ridgeway, Ontario), a subtle and harsh par three with a miniscule, vengeful putting surface. As I recall, his previous objection based itself on the exclusion of the 4th, a muscular par four with a world-class drive zone.

Is the complaint of @buffalolooper legitimate? Absolutely. Does it change our approach? Not at all. BuffaloGolfer recognizes the wonderful courses along the Niagara causeway in Ontario. If we worked diligently, between Fort Erie and Niagara-On-The-Lake, we could come up with 5 or 6 private courses and 2-3 times that many public courses…and a number of questions~

How do we balance Canadian & US nominees?
Do we keep the candidates to 4 public & 4 private?
How far into Ontario do we extend the boundary for the nominees?
How many Ontarians will know US courses and vice-versa?

For these and other questions, we decided to limit the voting to US courses. We recognize the worthiness of these neighboring courses to the north and west and plan to give them their due in future posts. Unfortunately, our imperfect system would be even more imperfect if we included them. If you haven’t seen them, get your enhanced driver’s license in order and start trolling the web to learn more. Ontario’s courses are not to be missed.