On Friday, June 15, 2012, Alex Weir from the Kahkwa Club in Erie, PA earned his first triumph in the Assitants Association this year after signing for a 1-under par round at Cobblestone Creek CC.

1 Alex Weir Kahkwa Club 71
2 Chris Stoddard Park CC 75
T-3 Eric Mabee Oak Hill CC 78
Cody Endress Mendon GC 78
4 Jeff Urzetta Oak Hill CC 79
Alex Wright Cobblestone Creek CC 80
John Daddario East Aurora CC 84
Tim Falkner Park CC 84
Marc Rosa CC of Buffalo 85
Andrew Navarro CC of Buffalo 85
Shem Gossage Irondequoit CC 86
Brad McCluski Oak Hill CC 86
Michael Basch Cobblestone Creek CC 88
Mike D’Orazio Ridgemont CC 88
Chris Hefke Ridgemont CC 89
Dan Colosi Wild Wood CC 98
Craig Cahoon Oak Hill CC WD

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