July 8, 2011

Double Black Diamond at Holiday Valley, Friday July 8, 2011 – As the morning showers cleared the fun, laughs and excellent golf arrived.  Nineteen Western New York Section PGA Professionals played in the 2011 Ellicottville Library Pro Am on Friday, July 8th. After a good showing at the PGA Professional National Championship just last week, Dwayne Randall, from Peek N’ Peak Resort, arrived back in Western New York to regain the top spot in the player of the year points by posting a six under 64.  Other notable scores in the 60’s included Eddie Suchora of Park CC (66) and David Wedzik of Golf Evolution (69).  Dwayne Randall also led his Pro Am team to first place as they posted a 122.  The team consisted of David Peterson, Peter Sunderland and Jeff Kenefick.  Thank you players, host professionals, sponsors and the superintendent for a great tournament!


1    Dwayne Randall     Peek N’ Peak    64
2    Eddie Suchora    The Park CC    66
3    David Wedzik    Golf Evolution    69
T-4    Chris Kulinski    East Aurora CC    71
Brad Smith    Peek N’ Peak    71
T-6    Liam Friedman    Orchard Park CC    73
Danny Kaye     Birch Run CC    73
Kirk Stauffer    Pine Acres CC    73
9    Kyle Benish    Holiday Valley    74
Sr 1 Mike Judy    Braemar CC    74
T-10    Tim Fries     Transit Valley CC    75
Tom Keenan    Dick’s Sporting Goods    75
T-12    Steve Carney    Holiday Valley    77
Rod Harris     Woodlynn Hills GC    77
T-14    Erik Barzeski    Golf Evolution    78
Tim Falkner    The Park CC    78
John Harmon     Ravenwood GC    78
Ryan Swanson     Pinehurst GC    78
18    Bernie Quinn    Lake View CC    88

Pro Am Team
1    Dwayne Randall-David Peterson-Peter Sunderland-Jeff Kenefick    122
2    Brad Smith-Charles Fitzpatrick-Greg Thompson-Daryle Gustavel    123
3    Danny Kaye-John Kaye-Mel Duggan-Guy Marlette    125
T- 4    Kyle Benish-Tony Lanza-Mike Timkey-Greg Smith    128
5    Eddie Suchora-Scott Dodson-Lynn Dubey-Pat Rank    128
6    Rod Harris-Chuck Dipasquale-MaryEllen Marlette-Susan Knapp    132
T-7    Liam Friedman-Dylan Tinnesz-Tom Buffamante-Laurie Barrera    133
Ryan Swanson-Patrick Swanson-Ed Szpaicher-Dan Mccandless    133
T-9    Tim Fries-Bruce Hoffman-Tim Bergan-Dick Emke    134
Tom Keenan-Chad Bednarsky-John Mowery-Tom Whistler    134
David Wedzik-Tom Wedzik-Bill Atwood-Todd Lindell    134
12    Chris Kulinski-Jeff Pappalardo-Al Farlow-Dale Dunkleman    136
T-13    Steve Carney-Maria Schmidt-Jigger Stokes-Kyle Mendell    137
Tim Falkner-Gavin Seifert-Randy Kane-Steve Hopkins    137
John Harmon-John Northrup-Karl Northrup-Dick Attea    137
Mike Judy-Paul Gardner-Pat Morgan-Mark Stark    137
Kirk Stauffer-Jeff Burgess-Woody Klein-Paul Hilbert    137
18    Erik Barzeski- Dan Crotty-Bud King-Jim Carls    140
19    Bernie Quinn-Tom Waring-Peter Campo-Andy Romanowski    180

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