The WNYPGA held the 2011 Seneca Allegany Casino & Hotel Pro Am today Monday, May 23rd at Elkdale CC in Salamanca, NY.  The event was a 10 AM shotgun and play was suspended for about an hour from noon to one for heavy rain and puddling on the greens. The rain did not stop the low scores from coming in as five scores came in at par or better.  Eddie Suchora from Park CC, came in with a five under 65 to take 1st place in the individual professional event. Dwayne Randall and Mike Kiel also posted rounds in the 60’s with a 66 and a 69 respectively.  The Pro Am Team Event was a best 2 ball of 5.  The winning team posted a score of 123 and included the likes of Professionals Ryan Swanson and Troy Moss accompanied by the three amateurs Mel Swanson, Dennis Scotty and Scott
Pritchard.  Thanks to the host Professional Jack Widger of Elkdale CC and our sponsors of the Seneca Allegany Casino for a wonderful tournament.

Professional            Facility                       Score
Edward Suchora    Park CC                          65
Dwayne Randall    Peek’N’Peak GC             66
Mike Kiel                Midvale CC                     69
Tim Falkner          The Park CC                    70
Kirk Stauffer         Pine Acres CC                  70
Tim Fries               Transit Valley CC            71
Mark Kirk              Crag Burn GC                 72
Troy Moss             Chautauqua GC               72
Adam Condello      Oak Hill CC                      73
Jack Widger           Elkdale CC                       73
David Wedzik        Golf Evolution                 73
Patrick Damore    Conewango Valley CC    75
Ryan Swanson       Pinehurst GC                  75
Steve Latimer        Niagara Falls CC            78
Greg Kaye              Birch Run Golf Club       79
Thomas Keenan     Dick’s Sporting Goods   79
Michael Sweazy     Wild Wood CC                 79
Randall Shaw          Orchard Park CC           80
Mike Judy               Dick’s Sporting Goods    81
Jeff Kaye                 Livingston CC                 81
Bernie Quinn           Lake View CC                82
Rich Burlett III      Chautauqua GC               83
Marc Rosa               CC of Buffalo                   83
Jeffrey Urzetta       Oak Hill CC                     83

Sr. Pro
Mike Judy              Dick’s Sporting Goods    81

Pro Am                                                                              Score
Ryan Swanson-Troy Moss-Mel Swanson-Dennis Scotty-Scott Pritchard            123
Mark Kirk-Jeff Urzetta-Randy Ferrino-Sharon Gates-Renita Destafano             125
Kirk Stauffer-Tim Falkner-Dick Munday-Andy Falkner-Jeff Criley                   125
Dave Wedzik-Jack Widger-Tom Wedzik-Greg Gibbons-Hank Certo                  126
Tim Fries-Randy Shaw-Al Fries-Chuck Roskow-Jim Carls                                   128
Ed Suchora-Mike Kiel-Rich Suchora-Dan Farrance-Randy John                          129
Steve Latimer-Adam Condello-Marcus Stephens-Dick Schmidt-Bob Wylie        130
Jeff Kaye-Greg Kaye-Tom Burke-Dan Blaske-Lamarr Spruce                             134
Rich Burlett-Mike Sweazy-Bob Gunnell-Gary Colosi-Paul VanCuren                   136
Patrick Damore-Marc Rosa-Bob Damore-Jeff Schillroth-Pete Wallen                  138
Tom Keenan-Mike Judy-Jay Honard-Paul Gardner-Mark Crowley                     138
Dwayne Randall-Bernie Quinn-Jeff Gill-Aaron McCoy-TBD                                  138