Steve Stone shot one-under par to win the 2011 WNYPLGA. Rain cancelled the second round of the event, sadly, and Stone’s remarkable one-under at Harvest Hill was good for a two-shot win over perennial challenger Rick Wargala. Pat Smith claimed the B Flight with a 77, worth a five-shot margin of victory over Steve Lindner.

A Flight:
1st     Steve Stone  (71)
2nd     Rick Wargala (73)
3rd    Jim Murray (80)
4th     Joe Barbic (80)
5th    Jay Robbins (82)
6th    Chris Jentsch (82)
7th    Bill Barrie (87)
8th    Chris Ward (89)

B Flight:                              
1st     Pat Smith (77)
2nd    Steve Lindner (82)
3rd    Richard Fries (90)
4th    John Marhofer (95)

A Flight:

1st     Steve Stone  (71)

2nd     Rick Wargala (73)

3rd    Jim Murray (80)   

4th     Joe Barbic (80)                         

5th    Jay Robbins (82)    

6th    Chris Jentsch (82)                                        

7th    Bill Barrie (87)                              

8th    Chris Ward (89)                               

9th    Jack Welch –  WD                             


B Flight:                               

1st     Pat Smith (77)                                 

2nd    Steve Lindner (82)                                  

3rd    Richard Fries (90)                                    

4th    John Marhofer (95)