Yani Tseng won the British Open this week. Funny how the ladies have no problem calling it what it is, the British Open, while the misogynistic men insist on referring to their little soiree as The Open Championship…that’s another petulant tiff for another petulant day.

We just had a ladies major championship in our neighborhood and Miss Tseng did us the service of romping to victory in that one. It seems that she has a bit of trouble with the US Open but has won each of the other three majors at least once. It is odd that her best finish in the lower 48 national championship is a tie for 10th place…never even been close!

Yani Tseng is 22 years old, they say, but I have my doubts. At times, when I see those smiles in pictures from far away, I am certain that she is 13, the age at which many of us begin to lose our happiness. When I read stories of the sound her club makes when striking the golf ball, or scan scorecards from events she wins by 4 or 6 or 10 strokes, logic tells me that she must be old, crafty and ruthless.

For the first time in … forever, news of Yani’s victory took top spot on the golfing websites. True that it was up against The Greenbrier on the PGA Tour and the US Senior Open on the Champions circuit, not a men’s major…still, it’s quite a step up for women’s professional golf, especially when the LPGA is struggling to maintain a domestic schedule.

I’m reading a story now about the decision of the British Women’s Open to play in 2014 at Royal Birkdale. I don’t know that I understand the why, unless the intelligentsia believes that playing the same courses as the men will lend credibility to the women. I would like to see the ladies venture to places like Sunningdale (England), Cruden Bay & Royal Dornoch (Scotland), Pennard (Wales) and Old Head (Ireland), places that would be wondrous major championship sites but aren’t. Forge your own path, ladies. Make your tour the Yani Tseng…22 years young, smiling, unafraid to visit heretofore untested territory.