Leon Smith, a member at a club north of the border, offers this 18 hole tour as his version of Buffalo’s Best. After you digest the list, read Mo’ Golf’s commentary at the bottom.

1 Sheridan
2 Crag Burn
3 Grand Niagara
4 Cherry Hill
5 Park Club
7 Crag Burn
8 Westwood
9 Cherry Hill
10 Crag Burn
11 CCB
12 Park
13 Transit
14 Wanakah
15 Wanakah
16 CCB
17 East Aurora
18 Westwood

As you can tell, Mr. Smith is enamored of the area’s fine, private tracks. I suspect that he would alter his list if he played Diamond Hawk, Hickory Stick, Ivy Ridge or Harvest Hill, or some of the other excellent public tracks. He does highlight the area’s only original Rees Jones layout (Grand Niagara). We have a running feud over the worth of Crag Burn’s 2nd hole, so by all means, have a go at commentary.