What:  2013 ECIC Team Championship

Where:  Diamond Hawk Golf Course, 255 Sonwil Drive, Cheektowaga, NY 14225.

When:  3PM, Monday, October 21, 2013.  9 Hole Event.Who: 4 Division Champions (ECIC) will play a 9 hole stroke play match.  8 players
per team.  The lowest low-6 total (drop 2 high scores per team) will determine the
overall 2013 ECIC Boy's Golf League Team Champion.

The (4) Undefeated Teams in ECIC:

Large School North Division:  Will. North
Coach John Burns:  jburns@williamsvillek12.org

Small School North Division:  Starpoint
Coach David Schopf:  dschopf@starpointcsd.org

Large School South Division:  Orch. Park
Coach Nate Leary:  ophsgolf@me.com

Small School South Division:  Eden
Coach Paul O'Connor:   poconnor@edencsd.wnyric.org

NOTES:  These are the same division champions that played in the Team Championship
Last Year.  Results (attached):

2012:  Low 50's, 25 mph wind, 40 mph gusts. No Rain.

2013 ECIC Standings

2013 Team Championship Lineups

ECIC Team Championship RESULTS 2012