Demo’ed clubs at the Paddock Dome Demo Days over the weekend and made the following observations:

It’s hard to hit a really bad shot indoors, off of a mat.  Maybe someone could invent glasses that simulate a dome when we are on the actual course.

For the average guy or gal, there’s negligible difference between manufacturers.  As I kept telling my buddy who was with me, it always comes down to the ‘Hunter, not the arrow’.  I had to make that one PC and that really hurts :).

Hitting forged irons on the sweet spot is the nirvana of golf. 

I swear I heard a woman ask one of the reps if his company’s nine iron would easily smash the rear window of an SUV.

Walking past rows and rows of golf clubs must elicit the same feelings that women get when passing shoe stores (ladies please don’t hate me).

I still cringe at the thought of $400.00 for a new driver.  Now if the driver came with $400.00 worth of ability then sign me up.

Demoing golf clubs shortly after you have purchased new clubs yourself will give you a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

We were talking to one rep who told my friend to look on ebay and see if he could find the driver he was interested in at a cheaper price.  I can’t decide if the rep was really dumb or really clever.

The post demo beer and lunch almost made me feel like I had played a round of golf.

That made me think how important friendship is in golf.

Well, gotta’ run.  Hit ’em long and hit ’em straight.