Author: Rico

Where have all the stars gone?

With The Masters less than two weeks away and Tiger at home sipping Rum Toddies, it’s time to make an early season assessment of the PGA Tour. So far, in 2014, only two of the top ten players in the world (Zach Johnson and...

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Fantasy golf, pt.2

OK, I’m knee deep into my first fantasy golf league, and I can say without reservation that ‘I hate fantasy golf’. Now you may be thinking that I need to chill out a bit, but, man this is not much fun. I...

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Taking The Plunge Into Fantasy Golf

After successfully resisting any kind of fantasy sport leagues over the years, I broke down this year and joined a fantasy golf league. My previous reservations had a lot to do with the image of the fantasy league participant...

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Why we play golf

Recently a friend and golfing buddy of mine was on a first date when the conversation got around to hobbies, likes, dis-likes, etc. When my friend said that he was a golfer, his date literally attacked him like a coyote after a...

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Picking a partner

After watching the President’s Cup at Muirfield Village this past weekend, it was ever so evident that a great deal of success in team golf has to do with picking the right partner. Someone that you are compatible with...

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At the Tour Chanpionship at East Lake this past weekend, Henrik Stenson was cruising along mid-way through the 3rd round with a lead that had ballooned to 8 strokes when seemingly out of nowhere the proverbial wheels began to...

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