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You call this fair?

By now, quite a few fans of televised golf are aware that Tiger Woods was penalized two strokes after his 2nd round at the BMW Championship. While television cameras were zooming in on his ball, Tiger removed some loose...

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Practice Will Not Make Perfect

I’m sure everyone is familiar with that old saying ‘Practice makes perfect’. It’s a bunch of hooey, I’m here to tell you. I think we can all agree that no one ever becomes perfect at anything no...

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Tiger’s Quest For Another Major

With the PGA Championship on the horizon, all eyes in the golfing world will be on Oak Hill CC in Rochester, NY. And, a large number of those eyes will be on Tiger Woods as he continues his now almost sisphean quest to tie and...

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While We’re Young

What a great idea. The USGA took an iconic line (‘While we’re young’) from one of the great, goofball sports movies of all time (‘Caddyshack’), had a bunch of well-known golfers recite the line...

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Tiger and Sergio

Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia are at it again…and I love it. If, like me, you are a fan of the PGA Tour, I often wonder what professional golfers really think about each other. Oh, I know, on the surface, they are all full...

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Wacky Week In Golf

If you were to ask the average person to give a short description of golf, I’m sure they might say things like country club, sedate, slow, boring, difficult, time consuming or any number of other similar phrases. What...

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