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Belly Putting

For anyone who has ever seen me putt, you would probably agree that my putting is inconsistent at best.  I usually run the gamut from days when my putting is mediocre to days when it is downright ugly.  If American Idol had a...

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Press Release: Arrowhead open for play

An often prevailing opinion of Arrowhead Golf Course in Clarence, NY is that it is too difficult or too penal for the average golfer. Too much heather or too many sand traps or too much slope on the greens are comments that...

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Good Will Hunting

Now that February is in the books, I admit to being a bit relieved. Let me explain. At the end of 2012, I (like many others in the WNY golf community) had played 22 consecutive months of golf in the Buffalo area. Like many of my...

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Accenture Match Play

Rory’s gone in one; so is Tiger.  Ricky Fowler, Dustin Johnson, Lee Westwood  and Keegan Bradley had  their work week shortened considerably.  Ernie Eels, Bill Haas, Adam Scott and Jason Dufner are other names added to the...

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Who is Charlie Beljan?

Who exactly is Charlie Beljan? I must admit that prior to this past weekend’s Northern Trust Open, I knew next to nothing about Charlie Beljan. Sure, I remember hearing about him at the Disney tournament at the end of last...

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The Mind of Tiger Woods

As I was watching Tiger Woods’ post victory press conference at Torry Pines recently, I couldn’t help but think about the dynamics of what was really going on in that press tent. On its face, it was a typical press...

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