An often prevailing opinion of Arrowhead Golf Course in Clarence, NY is that it is too difficult or too penal for the average golfer. Too much heather or too many sand traps or too much slope on the greens are comments that follow the assessment by some local players.

Well,in the past two years, I have had the opportunity to play more and more golf at Arrowhead Golf Course and I believe that the course is not only not too difficult, but, that it is quite a pleasure to play.

There are two areas that make Arrowhead a good fit for all levels of golfers: its length and its forgiveness.

With multiple and very fair tee boxes, every level of golfer has a real chance to make par (or even birdie) on all holes without having to hit any ‘career’ shots. From the white tee markers (which will accommodate most male amateurs), the vast majority of the par fours are reachable with a good tee shot and a mid-range to short iron. The remaining par fours can also be reached in two with the same type of drive and a fairway wood or rescue club.

The par fives lend themselves to very make-able pars and even an occasional birdie. The par threes vary in club selection from a wedge to a rescue club.

While there are strategic bunkers and heather on some of the holes, the fairways are very accommodating to all but the most errant tee shots (hey, there has to be some penalty for really bad shots). And, once you become familiar with Arrowhead, it is quite easy to know where to hit a shot and what areas to avoid.

In addition to the golf course, the Arrowhead complex offers a bar for post round refreshments and a fine banquet facility.

So if you’re looking for golf, food and drinks or banquet services, stop by and see Jason and the gang at Arrowhead. They’re always eager to be of service to the WNY golfing community.