The ground is covered with a blanket of snow and it’s as cold outside as Dick Cheney’s heart.  Yes, Old Man Winter has finally decided to visit our fair city.

Now, normally I look forward to winter with about the same anticipation as I look forward to a colonoscopy.  Yet, somehow, this year seems different.  Maybe because I played golf at Terry Hills in Batavia two days ago  (which would make my 11th straight month of playing golf in Buffalo) or maybe the late start of real winter weather makes it feels like we have somehow cheated the weather gods, but, I don’t feel as depressed as usual.

Now, having lived a long time in this city by the lake, we all know that winter weather here can last long after most of the country is planting bulbs in their gardens and mowing their lawns, but, it still feels our winter this year will be less oppressive.  Since, only time will tell how long we will be hibernating, I’m choosing to be an optimist this year.

So, I have the clubs packed away.  I need to give the golf shoes a good winter cleaning.  I’ll hit the gym more vigorously and maybe even get the old x-country skis out of storage for a   glide around one of our local parks.

Keep warm, my friends and hopefully I’ll see you on the course before you know it.