Part of me wants Rory McIlroy to run away with this thing. A bigger part of me wants him to turn this into another debacle.

I love Rory as a golfer. He’s young, super talented, seems grounded and humble and seems like a great young ambassador for the game. However, I also like drama on the weekends at major championships.

Do you realize how good of a golf tournament this would be right now if nobody had invited McIlroy? We’d have about 40 to 50 guys who had a shot to take this home. Now, it’s a one kid race. It’s maybe the best golfer in the world trying to avoid a collapse. It’s hard to imagine that two 71s wouldn’t secure the U.S. Open title for Mr. McIlroy now.

That’s the problem. What Rory did over the past two days leaves me in a spot I don’t like. How can I root for someone to fail? How can I not pull for the guy who suffered the humiliation that was an 80 in the final round at Augusta this April? These are questions I ask myself.

Please know this Rory – I have no problem with you winning. It would be a nice image to  see you hoist the trophy Sunday.

But if you don’t mind, toss in a few bogeys and balls in the drink on the way. Make the U.S. Open what it should be — a roller coaster ride and not a peaceful stroll in the park.

I like you Rory. But I like exciting major championships. So I can’t root for you to fire another -11 this weekend. Nope. This is a U.S. Open…I’m pulling for weekend chaos.