Want to know where I’ve found some of the more interesting articles I’ve read about golf in the past month (other than BuffaloGolfer.com of course) — try the Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ has a Golf Journal where that sees a post about every 7 days on average. The last two have dealt with the idea that U.S. Golfers need to play more international events and also a look at why amateur golfers struggle to enjoy the game as much as professionals and low-handicappers.  The first post brings up great points about the state of the professional golf and the second offers research and insight I’d never heard of before that could drastically alter the game of golf.

Don’t believe me? The 2nd article talks about how all golf courses that don’t feature professional competition need to be shortened to make the game more fun. It also talks about playing golf on greens that have two pins (one easy, one challenging). The purpose of all these efforts is to make the game less challenging for those just learning.

What do you think? Shouldn’t the only way to make the game less challenging be practice and hard work? Or, do you feel differently.

Regardless, add the WSJ Golf Journal to your blog reader, To Do List or favorite links.